Cavazos, Lauro F 1994-04-23

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Dr. Cavazos discusses his tenure as United States Secretary of Education.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Lauro F. Cavazos

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: April 23, 1994

Location: Port Aransas, Texas

Interviewer: David Murrah

Length: Not Given (2 tapes)


Tape 1, Side 1: Secretary of Education, Reagan administration approached him in 1980, Cavazos refused because of Texas Tech presidency, Political experiences, Appointed to board of regents of Uniformed Services Medical School, Served on numerous academic boards, Awards, 1983 received Outstanding Education Award from Reagan, Texas Tech presidency, After eight years decided to resign, Wanted to return to teaching, Secretary of Education (again), Contracted in June 1988, Saw an opportunity to express views on education, Accepted position, Worked several months under Reagan, Political party, Cavazos independent voter, Disliked Republican rhetoric, Voted for individual not party, Cavazos lacked support, Viewed as a liberal, Bush administration, Cavazos retained as education secretary, Opponents viewed Cavazos as political pawn, Different administration than Reagan's

Tape 1, Side 2: Bush administration (again), Bush met with Cavazos in the beginning, Impressed by Bush's position on education, Tenure as secretary, Wanted to stay for a few years, Receiving less money, Goals of Bush administration, Raise awareness of deficit in education, Committed to helping disadvantaged people, Cavazos goals, Student loan program in trouble, Wanted to eliminate banks and give dominion over loans to education department, Programs, Pushed President's Excellence Act in Education--gave freedom of choice in public schools, Bill not passed, Criticism, Hispanics criticized Cavazos for reducing money

Tape 2, Side 1: Mexican American reaction, Turned away from Cavazos, Angry Cavazos did not advocate at Texas meeting to direct funds to minorities, Held parents responsible for not preparing children for bilingual education, Programs (again), Approached Mexico's president with the need for bilingual education, Conducted research into why Mexican American students were failing, Cavazos comprised recommendation for improving minority education, Proposed increase in minority scholarships, Conducted study into why Native American students failed as well, Bush administration (again), Bush known as the education president, Cavazos disagreed, Bush interested in foreign affairs not education, Resignation, Bush wanted to restructure cabinet, Bush asked Cavazos to become an ambassador, Resigned due to lack of support, Resigned on December 15

Tape 2, Side 2: Bush administration (again), Press questioned resignation, Bush did not restructure cabinet when Persian Gulf erupted, Lamar Alexander replaced Cavazos, Reflection, Politicians cannot change educational system, Education never a focus after election, Difficult to be apolitical and survive in Washington, Discusses politicians and their attitudes

Range Dates: 1988-1990s

Bulk Dates: 1988-1990s

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