Upton, Lola 1983-08-31

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Lola Upton discusses her family history and that of her husband, a banker, attorney and former State Representative, as well as their experiences in Mexico and in the Deming area.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Lola Upton

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: August 31, 1983

Location: Deming, New Mexico

Interviewer: Richard Mason

Length: 1 hour 40 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: Born in Silver City, New Mexico, Mother’s family; McKeens, Immigration from Ireland (1719), Migration to Texas, Arizona, Grandfather worked on railroad, To New Mexico (1889), Whitehill family, Upton Fruit Cannery, Cotton in Deming (1925), Quality, Rain/Irrigation, Variety, The Franks family, Upton’s father, Born in Goliad, Texas (1875), New Mexico (1896), Texas cattle; post Civil War, Cattle trail, Description of New Mexico, Post hole job, Silver mining, Description, Butcher/delivery job, Parents’ marriage, Father’s job, in Wommel & Baker store, Homestead, Santa Rita, New Mexico, T-Box Ranch, Location, Automobile (1914), Education, Governesses, Fae Whorton, Transportation to school, Parents’ Masonic activities, Education (again), School house, Students, Spanish language, School in Silver City, New Mexico, House in Silver City, New Mexico, Ranch near White Water, New Mexico.

Tape 1, Side 2: Water wells, Diamond A Ranch, "Mud gang", Windmills, Maintenance, Cattle, Bogged in mud, Depression, Diamond A cowboys, Red Cross chapter, Deming, New Mexico, White Water, New Mexico, Railroad, Pullman car, Red Cross (again), Dances, Flood, Box suppers, Anecdote, Cowboys’ earnings, Lewis Smith, Straw boss, Butch Smith, Cowboys’ bedrolls, Red Ethridge, Victoria Land and Cattle Company, Ranches, Ownership, William Randolph Hearst, W. J. Wommel, To Texas from Germany, West to New Mexico (1880s), Anamus Valley, Indians, Shakespeare, New Mexico, Lordsburg, New Mexico, Railroad (1880), Delivery work, To Deming (1898), Wommel’s house, Victor Kostelnik, Mr. Kreddik, Czech community in Deming, Annual Barbecue, W. J. Wommel (again), Established store in Deming, Merchandise, Credit agreements, Hard times during drought, Upton family, Benjamin Upton, Immigration to Massachusetts, To Rhode Island with Roger Williams, To Texas through Tennessee, Karnes County, To Mimbres River, O Bar O Ranch, Moved to Spaulding, New Mexico, Photographs, Inez Ibarra, Worked for McKeen family, Brands and ear marks.

Tape 2, Side 1: Graduation, University of Arkansas (1925), Degrees, Degree requirements, Lola Upton, Spanish teacher in Deming, Upton, Father’s death, Job with American Smelting & Refining Company, Mecca, Mexico, Joined by wife (1926), Anecdote: crossing border at Juarez, Lola meets Upton in Mexico City, Marriage license (1926), Ocotlan, Mexico, Armon, Mining camp, Silver mine, Don Carlos Hamilton, House, Hamilton’s son’s house, Mess house, Tamalada, Anecdote: Chinese cook, Ocotlan market, Citrus fruit worms, Food ordered from Mexico City, Boiling water and milk, Servants, To U. S. after World War II, Ocotlan, Michoacan, Mexico, Converted convent, Anecdote: bandits (c. 1928), Hiding in mine shaft, Hiding money, San Tulania, Mexico, Charques, San Luis Potosi, Oil exploration, Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson, Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico, Santa Barbara, Spanish explorer, Pearl Harbor (1941), To U. S. after World War II, Children’s education, To Baird, New Mexico, Grant County Bank, Growth, Upton family involvement, Advertising, Upton’s son, Korea, Death in auto accident, Upton, Law school, University of New Mexico, Daughter, Priscilla, Deming, New Mexico, Railroad, Anniversary of founding, Deming family.

Tape 2, Side 2: Deming, New Mexico (continued), Farmers Incorporated, Operation, Windmill city, Irrigation lowers water level, Purity of water, Sold in Las Cruces and El Paso, Upton, Law practice, Albuquerque, Commissioner of Banking, Santa Fe, Service in State House of Representatives, Lung cancer, Death from stroke.

Range Dates: 1636-1983

Bulk Dates: 1875-1980

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