Wagner, Charles Jefferson 1968-08-19

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Charles J. Wagner recalls his family and early life as a rancher in West Texas, along with his experiences in Argentina, including digging an irrigation canal. He closes his narrative by playing tunes on his fiddle and guitar.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Charles Jefferson Wagner

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: August 19, 1968

Location: Del Rio, Texas

Interviewer: Paul Patterson

Length: None Given


Tape 1, Side 1: Early days of the Wagner family, Shaw Reunion, Mr. Charles Wagner, Goat herding from North, Troubles encountered in outfit, Stabbing of foreman, Wagons and mules used, Cooking system, Frontier police, Desert country, Water supply, Segoot Valley, Herding of flocks, Grazing lands, Abundancy of mutton, Natives’ system of fighting.

Tape 1, Side 2: Description of fighting (continued), Fielding West (?), Shaw Reunion, Name: Charles Jefferson Wagner, Born: McClellan County (August 17, 1890), Moved West, First settlement of family, Horse ranching, School days, Stagecoach route, Ketchums and Kilpatrick, Move to Styles, Texas, Dad’s move to Argentina, Freighting outfit, Mules and oxen, Ranching there in comparison to U. S., Type of country, Hilly, Andes Mountains, Number of horses, Number of men necessary to work, Horse breaking, Saddles without horns, Injuries incurred there.

Tape 2, Side 1: Wagner Cattle herding in Argentina, Preference for driving sheep, Meeting with old man driving stock, Buenos Aires, Large snowstorm, Distance from ranch and fort, Supplies and feed for horses, Man fixing halter—punched eye out, Camping and herding for eleven days, Near escapes experienced, Uncle Bob, Mr. Wagner and "The Boss" in Argentina, Digging an irrigation canal, Relationship compared with novel, The Virginian, Buying of Turk’s herd of cattle, Experience with the Turk, Decision to leave Argentina, Trip by boat, Garage in Styles, Texas, Hauling occupation, Marriage and wife, Enjoyment of Argentina.

Tape 2, Side 2: Method of sleeping and camping in Argentina, Burial of wife, Wife’s occupation, Years lived in Del Rio, Texas, Education, Members of family that went to Argentina, Burial of father and mother, Water canal digging in Argentina, Length of canal, Required time to complete, Nationality of workers, Good and bad workers, Width of ditch, Boss, Mr. Crockett, Outlaws, Meeting of Texas Ranger, Fiddle playing by Charles Wagner, Guitar playing by Charles Wagner.

Range Dates: 1890-1968

Bulk Dates: ?-1968

Access Information

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