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Todd Aaron talks about Aaron Drilling Company

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Todd Aaron

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: February 18, 1999

Location: Midland, Texas

Interviewer: Tai Kreidler

Length: 00:32:19


Background, Grandfather: Dr William Henry Todd came to Oklahoma in 1892 from Iowa, Grandfather: Had five daughters, Lived in an Indian Reservation: Osage Indian Tribe (Gray Horse, Oklahoma), Pawhuska is 25 miles away from Gray Horse, Oklahoma, Born in Illinois, Father: William Hubert Aaron,1902: Father went to Pawhuska, Father attended the University of Chicago Medical School, Father settled in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, Father met Todd Aaron’s mother whom he married, in Pawhuska, William Hubert Aaron Jr. born in Pawhuska in 1905, Todd Aaron born in Pawhuska in 1911, Father practiced medicine in Pawhuska, Father died in 1950, Pawhuska, Oklahoma, 50 miles North of Tulsa, Osage Indian Headquarters (Indian Agency), Todd Aaron Graduated High School in 1929, Schooling:, Brother: William Hubert Jr (changed to Bill Aaron) went to North Western University, Todd Aaron Attended North Western University in Evanston, Illinois, Year One:, Professor gave Todd Aaron 1,000 in theory to invest in stocks, Fall of 1929 Todd Aaron theoretically lost all of the 1,000 due to The Great Depression, Majored in Air transportation and Rail transportation, 1933: Graduated with a Degree in Commerce, Jobs Worked, National Bank of Tulsa for 3 years, Gulf Oil Companies Tulsa Office for 2 years in the field, Connections to United Airlines in Chicago through previous friend Tom, Military carried the mail, Layoffs, (Did not get the job) in transportation, North Western Office that gives job assistance, found Todd a job at sears, Worked in the mail division on Octington and Ormon Ave for 3 or 4 mo., Inspector of toys/ shipment, Earned $25.00/ week, Roomed at the YMCA for $15.00/week, Friend of Brother offered Aaron a Job at a sporting goods store, Veal & A sporting goods store name/ Chicago version of Abercrombie and Fitch, Earned $26.00/week, Did not like his job, Emptied gun powder at night, Went back to Oklahoma and worked at National Bank of Tulsa for 3yrs, Tulsa: Oil company of the world, Went to West Texas in 1938 where he worked for Bethlehem Supply, Earned $20.00/week, Lived in backroom of supply store, Worked at an Accounting Desk, Tried to work on a drilling rig in Odessa, Texas, Sent to oil rig in Gulf Smith, Texas 20 mi from Odessa, Could no longer work for the oil rigs because of hernias, Went back to work for Bethlehem Supply for 1 year, Offered Salesman position from an acquaintance from a Oil Well Company, Owner, Harley Beagle Rock Glycerin company Pampa, Texas, Child’s, Restaurant, Down the street from sporting goods store, Gave leftover food to the needy, Aaron admired their kindness, Reasons for leaving Tulsa, Father of fraternity brother owned an oil drilling company, Decided to get into the drilling business, Fraternity brother’s father offered Aaron a job, Job in Odessa, Texas, Todd Aaron Health, Doctors visit in order to obtain a physical exam to work on the oil rigs, Two Doctors: Dr. Hedley and Dr. Hedstrom, Aaron had bilateral hernias, Failed physical, Worked despite bilateral hernias, 6 days later was informed that he needed the hernias fixed in order to continue working, Harley Beagle and the Rock Glycerin Company, Owned by Harley Beagle and son, Harley Beagle had a shooting station in Odessa along with several, shooters and trucks, Harley Beagle bought Aaron a Buick Road master, Earned $250.00/month in 1939, Active drilling and shooting, Shot about 10,000 quarts in a month, $3.00/ quart, Worked there for 3 years, Lessons Learned from Beagle/ Impression of Beagle, Down to earth and honest, Kind, good man, Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, Aaron was in the Navy Reserve, Sunday, Aaron received telegram to report for active duty to New Orleans, 9:30pm received physical and passed despite hernia, Assigned to the 8th Naval District Dispersing officer (Deputy Dispersing), Stayed for 1 year, Married January 1, 1941 in Episcopal Cathedral Upper Charles Street in New Orleans, Stayed in New Orleans for 1 year, Transferred to Pensacola to act as a dispersing officer for the Naval Air training center for a 1 year, Asked for Sea Duty, Transferred to San Pedro, California to the shipyard, A.P.A 63 an attack transport was being built, Practiced onboard the ship after it was finished being built

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