Abernathy, HC 1992-03-24

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H. C. Abernathy reminisces about his life as an aviator, radio operator and air traffic controller.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: H.C. "Ab" Abernathy

Additional Parties Recorded: n/a

Date: March 24, 1992

Location: Amarillo, Texas

Interviewer: Doug Hales

Length: 40 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1:Background, Born in Hughes Springs, Texas, Hughes Springs, Texas, Economy, Description of town, History, Educational experiences, Great Depression, Positive points of Depression, Radios, Gained and interest, Description of 1930s radios, Discusses person who fostered his interest in radios, Building of first radio in 1930 or 1931, Developed a network of ham radio friends, Community's reaction to ham radio, Great Depression (again), Profited from agricultural venture, Education, Enrolled in college, Specialized in radios, Explanation of radio licenses--first-class and radio telegraph, Radio operator, Worked for station KPRC in Houston, Impressions of KPRC, Job while at station, Aviation, Received flight training, Developed interest in planes, American Airlines, Trained to become an airline radio operator, Received a job with American Airlines, Impression of company, Lost job when army took over mail contracts, Radio operator (again), Moved to Memphis, Tennessee, Received a job at station KGKB, Description of Memphis in the 1930s, American Airlines (again), Returned to work for company, Transferred to Detroit, Michigan, Impressions of Detroit, Transferred to Abilene, Texas, Job description, Laid off from American Airlines, Returned to Memphis,

Tape 1, Side 2:Aviation (again), Discussion of Memphis airport, Problems with planes and weather-related accidents, Municipality reviewed traffic control towers, Growth of aviation field before World War II, Expansion of radio technology, Civil Aeronautics Aviation, Federal government take over of traffic controllers, Employment (again), Became inspector of air traffic controllers, Trained in Atlanta, Georgia, Assigned to New York, Job description, World War II, Recollection of Pearl Harbor, Changes in aviation, Transferred to Fort Worth, Texas, Resigned after war, Employment (again), Vice-president of manufacturing company, Formed United Filters in Amarillo, Retirement, Reflection, Reminisces about building his first radio in high school, Great Depression

Access Information

Original Recording Format: cassette

Recording Format Notes: patron use CD copy

Transcript: no

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