Adame, Justo 2001-04-10

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Justo Adame discusses his life as a child of migrant workers working throughout Texas and up North. He discusses his schooling and the impact of his grandfather had on his education. He also describes the horrible experiences of tuberculosis (TB) and the hospital he lived in for treatment. He discusses his family and especially his uncle Joe who was a bootlegger.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Justo Adame

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: April 10, 2001

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Daniel Sanchez

Length: 02:01:59


Born: July 29, 1951; Parents’ names and birth dates; Siblings’ information; Parents’ occupation; Father worked in a Gin; Mother was a house wife; Justo’s childhood; Wind blew through floor boards; Children’s education; Father became sick; Some welfare; Few t-shirts; Well known in school; Grandfather was educated; Known for speaking English; Picking cotton with parents; Back aches; Pick cotton after school; Labor camps; Trailer town; Canyon Courts; Uncle’s work; Highlight of labor camps; New clothes; Drive in; The Corral; No vacations; The history books; School; PTA programs; Field Jobs; Grandfather was railroad foreman; Worked for lawyers; Grandfather never left; Other kids left; Friends getting married; Kids pulled out of school; Family speaking English; Hardships for Hispanics; Borden Dairy; Brother helping father; Dad taught himself to read; Mother’s family’s respect; Father was a big man; Chemistry glass sets; Friends went to jail; Gatesville reformatory; Military; Father’s thought on military; Mexican revolution; No money; Grandfather’s blessings; Draft; Mess hall; Restaurant; 101st airborne; Worked at Borden’s; Supervisor; Assistant Superintendent; Remember where you come from; Grandmother was illegal; Proud Mexican; Friends deported; Border Patrol; Day 2; Border Patrol; Growing up in labor camps; Boot legging; Saturday nights; Gun fights; Uncle died in shoot out; Jukebox; Caught murderers; Gangster life; Avenue K; Shooting guns; Shot by a gun; Uncle was bad influence; Uncle Joe’s death; Uncle helped illegal’s; Uncle Joe out of control; Racism; Whites would bully; Blacks going to school; White ladies with water hoses; Brother takes dad’s gun; Lower economic Whites; Easter Sundays; Elementary; Bad experience with TB; Restroom; Just sit in room; Saturday morning cartoons; Food made him sick; Hated outside; Going downtown; Service was horrible.

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