Anderson, Pearl 1996-11-06

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Pearl Anderson reviewed her life, the Mormon Church, and the Lubbock Independent School District (LISD).

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Pearl Anderson

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: November 6, 1996

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Michelle Stone

Length: 45 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: Anderson, Pearl, She was born February 15, 1913 in Rexburg, Idaho, Attended Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho, She met her husband at college, he was teacher from Utah State Ag College, He knew in class they would marry, He was John Anderson, They married Jun 17 1936 in Logan Utah Mormon temple, Her husbands doctoral study at Columbia University in New York City, Bus to New York in the summers, teach in Idaho in Winter, She taught grade school before marriage, married women couldn’t teach, She became secretary for Superintendent of Schools, They moved to New York in 1945 for school, She worked in Teachers College Admissions Office at Columbia, First job at Carthage, Texas at Panola Junior College, Dr. Baker hired John by a phone call, She was secretary to Dr. Baker, John also conducted Marshall, Texas Symphony, The college had a lot of money due to natural gas wells, They stayed 2 years, To Colorado and job at Adams State College in Alamosa for 5 years, She taught high school business classes, John applied at Lubbock ISD as co-ordinator of music, Their first home was on 39th Street, until they built this home, The Mormon Church in Lubbock, First building at Avenue U, a small church, Korean group now owns it, One large room and baptismal font, They had about 50 members, Women’s group of about 10, Quilting, Dr. Ashdown came from Amarillo to Texas Tech, Eight in his family, Children to his home for , Sunday School, Spanish-speaking branch had a building on 4th Street, shared with Anglo’s, They bought land on 58th Street, Spanish branch closed- few attended, Weekly meeting schedules, Relief Society rummage, bake and crafts sales, Budget assessments, Building on 36th and U sold in 1958, Spanish branch (again), Located at 306 Avenue T, 58th Street building dedicated in 1961 by Howard W. Hunter, Phase one with chapel and gym, Mormon Church in West Texas, 1948 West Texas District from Perryton to San Angelo, Division to North Texas, District in Lubbock, Stake made in 1967, Stake center dedicated May 3, 1970 by Hugh B. Brown, East wing of 58th Street church built in 1979-80, 125 Military Cadets at Tech, Sunday school on 19th Street, Marching to church singing “Shall the Youth”, Early meeting in Rix Funeral Home, then to courthouse, Start in 1927 with Dr. J. O. Ellsworth at Tech Business Department, John Anderson, husband (again), He held many church positions, When retired from LISD, 3 were hired to replace him, She taught 18 years to Monterey High School Business Department, Story about church spire, John had a Jeep in Colorado for fishing and artifact hunting, Branch President Elmer K. Knowles, and Dick Dyer of FBI in group, John was asked for $1,000 to pay for spire, “There is my Jeep up there on the spire”, African-American in Lubbock church, Tony Peyton of Harlem Globetrotters, Segregation in Lubbock schools, “Colored students high school” built at Estacado, Just one black pupil shortly at Monterey, Monterey High School was built in a cotton patch, 34th was main business street, Mormon Church (again), Stake Center on Frankford Street built in 1988, Stake divided in 1981, Students at Tech, Tearing down Institute on 19th Street, Paid $90,000 for the house and site

Tape 1, Side 2: Anderson, Pearl (again), Institute was started in 1970, Lorum Stratton was instructor plus seminary co-ordinator, They got the home about 1973, She held many church positions, She started the church library on cart in children’s bathroom, Reese Air Force Base closing will cause lose of members, Lubbock is transit due to students, Lubbock schools in 1960’s, “Hippie” movement, She retired in 1978, Her husband John retired in 1976, He played french horn, piano and bass violin, He avoided the rock and roll movement, He had a “regular” dance band, She enjoyed teaching, Superintendent B. J. Randalls at retirement of her and Mrs. Parker, Forced retirement at age 65, the next year it extended to age 70, Randalls gave her a bell, and she did a “cartwheel” for the teachers, Her personal health now, Knee surgery with Dr. Carr, Her sister aged 90 had same surgery, Her sister aged 101 lives in California, Her baby brother is age 80, Her parents came from Switzerland to Rexburg, Idaho, Two children born there, three children born in Idaho, She and husband John planned trip to Switzerland and Sweden to see cousins, He had Parkinsons and a small stroke so trip cancelled 10 days ahead, She has a cousin in Pennsylvania and Tennessee, rest in Switzerland [Tape ends after 15 minutes.]

Range Dates: 1913-1996

Bulk Dates: 1930-1980

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