Anderson, Warren 2011-12-07

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General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Warren Anderson

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: December 07, 2011

Location: Kerrville, Texas

Interviewer: Andy Wilkinson

Length: 01:50:21


Tape 1, Side 1:

The Zebra, Dr. Wilkinson and Mr. Anderson talk about the Zebra that lives in Mr. Anderson’s town, Basic Information, Born in Big Spring, Texas, Birthed at his house, The doctor and his dad were listening to the Rose bowl game, SMU and Stanford, Older brother- Don: Granbury, Texas, Taylor Anderson- Nephew on the bestseller book list, Father, Eventually moved to Dallas, Import Easter Baskets, Music store, Columbia took over Brunswick, Dad- Semi professional baseball player, Phillips, Before he settled down, In the music store to the left, was sporting goods, School/work, After school instead of homework, they got to, Go to the store, Accident, 1949 – Christmas break, In the hospital, Did not know if his arm was going to be salvageable, KTXE Big Spring – dad and uncles radio station, Segments, Topics and music, Spanish segment, He would sign off and sign on sometimes, Worked the board, Had to play the music, read the commercials, etc…, Went in to the Air Force- re injured his injury, School, Never finished school, Did not like it at the time, Joined at age 18, Work, Florida, Panama, San Saba, Texas, Air Check, Record your program directly off the air, Music, talking, etc…, Compile it on a tape, Describe your broadcast history: similar to what a resume is, WIIN- Atlanta, location Old time hotel on Peach Tree, Plough – Memphis: hired him to do the morning program, 1959, Some gigs were short term, some were long term, You did a lot of radio station “hopping”, KVIL, Dallas, Highland Park, Good training, Why he left, John Kennedy- President, Wanted to put on Vaughn Major- comedian who mimicked, Anderson though it was disrespectful, He did not want to disrespect the president, Even though he voted for Nixon, He was there when Kennedy got shot in Dallas, Knew something had happened, just didn’t know what it was, November 22nd, Looked West and the sun was setting in a blood red color, That is how he remembers it, His son was 4 years old at the time, Pilot license, Private, Commercial, Multi, Etc…, Mr. McClemmens, Top 40, Rock n roll, Not a labor man, Needed workers during the strikes, Chicago, Jim o’Brian, Waco, Two twin daughters, One of them was on Frasier, Flying, First job, Co pilot flew to Libya, First wife, 1957, Has one son out of it, He is a retired Marine

Tape 1, Side 2:

Small talk, They are talking about cars, Convertibles, Big Spring, What was it like?, Air field taught bombardiers, Turkey Story, It was snowing, About 8 years old at the time, Took the turkey out of the pen, Attempted to behead the turkey, Odessa, Went to chase girls instead of Elvis, They missed him, The Big Spring Jamboree, His mom had a song dedicated to her, Leon Pain, Blind songwriter/singer, Went to the Texas School for the Blind, Very talented, Willie Nelson recorded a lot of his songs, The big M, 1963, Dr. Wilkinson drove around the Big M, Friend, Dad ran a dealership, Donald’s drive in, Had some beer, Wanted to go to El Paso, Takes a temporary license plate and puts it on a display car, Drove it out of the store, As they drove into Stanton, They u turned, The city police man pulled them over, He arrested them, Martin county jail, Around 1 am, About 20 minutes later, the door opened up

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