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Esperanza “Hope” Andrade, Texas’ 107th Secretary of State, was appointed by Governor Rick Perry and sworn in on July 23, 2008. As a successful entrepreneur and leader in the San Antonio business community for more than three decades, Andrade serves as Texas’ chief elections officer, chief international protocol officer and Border Commerce Coordinator for Governor Rick Perry. During this interview Andrade reminisces on her childhood, her business experience and volunteer work. In particularly she discusses how these factors led to her appointment as Texas’ Secretary of State.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Esperanza Andrade

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: May 14, 2010

Location: Austin, Texas

Interviewer: Daniel Sanchez

Length: 00:30:22


Background; Parents’ information; Meeting; Move to San Antonio; Father’s employment Missouri Kansas Railroad; Childhood; West side of San Antonio; Constant moving; Father’s employment; Biological mother; Education; Difficulty in starting up at a new school; First experience during middle school of; Minority; Mother’s goals for her; Get married; Become a secretary; Now she is the Secretary of State for Texas; Life at 18; Dreams of getting married and having babies; Goals; Desire to do better; Realized a formal education was needed; Pursuing education; Early 1980s weekend program; Exposure to the lifestyle of other people; Did not realize she was poor growing up; The job market made her realize things had been different; Business careers; Her career required traveling; Needed a different daycare; None available; Realized there was niche; Started small; Expansion; Success, pride and growth; What she tells others about success; The idea of believing; Willing to take a risk; “No such thing as a day off”; Importance of the chamber of commerce; Challenges; Community involvement; Contacts; Seeing city government at work; Public Transit Board (San Antonio’s); Chairwoman of Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; 2003 Texas Department of Public Transportation appointment; Doubts; Success; 2008 appointment as Texas Secretary of State; Accomplishments; Business expertise; Border coordinator; Elections; Downturn in economy; Challenges; Small Businesses; Border issues; State lead immigration controls; Governor Perry’s stance; Relationship between Texas and Mexico; Stressors; Securing borders; Need for a federal reform; Issues for Latinos; Need to believe in ourselves; Lessons in life versus excuses; Importance of education; Volunteering; Giving back; Contacts; Great learning experience; Attention; Importance of telling her story to inspire; Importance of celebrating one another and our successes; Possible contacts.

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Transcript: Transcript available in reading room

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