Barr, Sue 2001-01-23

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General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Sue Barr

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: January 23, 2001


Interviewer: Leslie Dutton

Length: 00:24:58


Background, Sue Barr was his first secretary, First full time job, 22 years old, Notes Prepared by Sue Barr on her experiences with Jean Henley, Dr. Henley, Ultimate teacher, Outrageous sense of humor, Music department, Entertaining, Time working for Mr. Henley, Treated like a member of the faculty, Attended all meetings and events even though she was the same age as the graduating class, During the spring invited to Santa Fe to see Madame Butterfly, Rode in Dr. Henley’s station wagon, Became ill and missed the performance, Had to put together a syllabus, Cultural experience, Made many friends, Glenda Miller –Lowry:, Roommate and best friend, Music student (pianist), Judy Sexton Tanner, Moved to Dallas, Mary Ellis, Harpist and roommate, Aptitude interest exam, Party held for faculty and students, Met one of the Steinway brothers, Heard Joe Marello, Reunited with Jim Sutton, Examples of Jean Henley’s humor, Spontaneous, Born out of spontaneity and outlook on life, Saw humor in every situation, Never made anyone feel bad, Enjoyed life, Charismatic, Teaching, Stage background, Dramatic effects, Open door policy despite being so busy, Antique Business, Mother and Jean Henley owned, One of the highlights of Henley’s experiences, About Jean Henley, Difficult situations, Never knew of anyone or anything leading to confrontation with students, Strong authoritarian presence, Students respected him greatly, Riding in the car to Santa Fe, Screamed with laughter the entire way, Endless jokes, Never hear the same story or joke the same time, Embellishments, Dance Troop, Henley in the movies, Harrison Ford was of same physical likeness to Henley, Cultural Experiences while working for Henley, Secondary influence of Henley’s personality, Raised in a farm town, Not the most fabulous cultural experience, Wanted to acculturate herself, Attended all programs that were available, Attended the symphony, Henley’s perspective always promoted cultural events, Pursuit of culture, Effects of Jean Henley, Believe that her creator knew her need of enrichment and led her to Henley, Barr was inexperienced yet Henley hired her anyways, Culturally enriched Barr, Henley is very special to Barr, Leaving Henley, Left because it was becoming stressful, Not enough funds to hire more help, Not enough funds for a raise, Did not keep in touch with Henley

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