Barrett, Josh 1982-10-16

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Josh Barrett tells of his career with the newspapers and radio and his relationship with Hanks and Harte.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Josh Barrett

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: October 16, 1982



Length: 45 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: Barrett, Josh, background, Attended Hardin-Simmons, Family members were teachers, Interest in journalism, College school paper, Elected editor, Spring 1921, Reporter, summer, 1921, Money earned, Permanent job after graduation, Mr. Hanks, Boss, Publisher, Pay raise, Aspired to work for Dallas paper, Reasons stayed with Hanks, Pay raise (again), Mr. Hanks, Characteristics, Work, Tip offs on stories, Increase circulation in surrounding towns near Abilene, Texas, Complete coverage of district courts, Assigned to Barrett, Benefits, Established more papers in Texas (1928), Job offer, Worked at utility company (1927), Papers bought, Job offer, Publisher, Corpus Christi, Texas, Paris, Texas, Pay Mayse, Joint owner with Hanks, Sinking of Titanic reports (1912), Inspired him (Barrett) to be wireless telegraph reporter, Age, Barrett, Josh (again), Job offer with radio, Harte and Hanks buying radio station in Abilene, Texas, Location, Windsor Hotel, Stayed with radio, Other areas applied for to build radio stations, Stations operated, KRBC, Abilene, Texas, KBST, Big Spring, Texas, Paris news, Hanks (again), Death, Federal Communications Commission, Widow's problems, Sold station to managers, Characteristics (again), Considerate, Friend of employees, Motto, Factual stories, Policies, Each paper allowed to have own policies, Moody for Governor (1920s)

Tape 1, Side 2: Mrs. Hanks, Hardin-Simmons journalism teacher, Established school of journalism, Moody, Law school, Elected Attorney-General of Texas, Marriage, Relationship with Harte and Hanks, Similarities and differences, Backgrounds, Work, Corpus Christi Caller Times, Harlingen newspaper, Deaths, Barrett, Josh (again), Radio and TV last 40 years, Primary forces in radio and TV all over, Texas, Newspapers major forces, Hanks (again), Characteristics, Polo Club formed in Abilene, Texas, Differences with Harte, Football, Stormy Shelton, Handy Andy's groceries, Owned by Shelton, Harte and Hanks newspaper, Marriage of daughter to Shelton's son, Went to Hardin-Simmons, Shelton's son commissioned in Army, World War I, Married in New York before he left

Range Dates: 1921-1982

Bulk Dates: 1930-1940s

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