Basham, Jim Ed and Dorothy 2014-02-13

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This interview features Jim Ed and Dot Basham, who discuss their ancestry, upbringing, and experiences living and working on the Rocker b Ranch near Mertzon, Texas.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Jim Ed Basham and Dorothy Basham

Date: February 13, 2014

Location: Mertzon, Texas

Interviewer: Andy Wilkinson

Length: 04:10:32 (4 hours, 10 minutes)


Upbringing, living out in the country Horses and water on the ranch Predation on sheep and cattle Running a ranch near an oilfield, community Discussion of Cherry and Chip Hickey Rainfall and water on the Basham Ranch, town life Change of the Rocker b to the Bar S ranch, hogs How the ranch has changed in the years The 1977 fire and its effects Interactions with wildlife on the ranch Camps and their names Miscellaneous recollections, TTU archival procedures Mysterious graves, Goodnight, history of Centralia

Access Information

Original Recording Format:born digital

Recording Format Notes: compact disc available to listen in reading room

Transcript: found here:

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