Bean, Pauline 1989-03-14

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Pauline Bean discusses the history and evolution of the Lubbock Arts Festival as well as local support of the arts in general.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Pauline Bean

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: March 14, 1989

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Richard Mason

Length: 1 hour


Tape 1, Side 1: Origin of Lubbock Arts Festival, Committee goals, Cultural Affairs Council, John Logan, Winifred Vigness, Membership and Vision, Leadership, Ann Williams, Bill Armstrong, Winifred Vigness (again), Travel on behalf of council, John Logan (again), Oklahoma City Arts Festival, Early leadership of Arts council, Roy Bass, first year, Oklahoma City model, Adapting to Lubbock area, Alan Henry & Bernice Spears, second year, Byrnie Bass and Pauline Bean, third year, First Arts Festival, Preparation, Success over time, Basic elements, Showcase of arts, Unity of cultural groups, Showcase of arts (again), Diversity of display, Children's area, Senior Citizens area, Gallery, education, Exhibit area, Juried art, Diversity (again), Jury process, Artist's market, Screening process, Diversity (again), Demonstration, Recent additions, Culinary booths, Civic Center Board, Entertainment, Basic elements (again), Free admission, Growth of Festival, Support of Chamber of Commerce, Administrative evolution of Festival, Cultural Affairs Council (again), Arts Council, Potential split from, Cultural Affairs Council (again), Russell Hughes, Festival theme, Cultural Affairs Council (again), Goals (again), Festival logo, Contest, Gray Lewis, Artist, Growth of Lubbock, 1970s, Tornado, First woman on City Council, Cultural change, Vision, Community energy, Art Galleries, Lubbock Symphony, Financial support, Local art collections

Tape 1, Side 2: Local art collections (continued), Popular styles, Western, Abstract/Modern, Discussion of displays, Western (again), Local sensitivity, John Lott home, Dr. Robert Arnold, Dr. Bob Moeller, Availability of fine art, Art situation in Lubbock, 1989, Stagnation/reversion, Museum, Stealing bricks from 19th Street, Gary Edson, Lack of state funding, Lack of staff, Terry Morrow, Texas Tech Art Department, Exhibits, Festival Gallery, Attempts to recover standard, Lubbock Art Association, Clickish, Intellectual discrimination, Lynwood Kreneck, Texas Tech University, Recognition, Local galleries, Baker Gallery, Johnny Meigs, Recent slip in quality, Bent Tree Gallery, Lack of collectors, Financial inability, Popularity of decorator arts, Family collectors, Byron Edwards collection, Daughter's collection, Local artists, Tony Arnett, Berneice Fix, Characteristics of fine artists, Obsession/drive, Early artists, Bess Vickers, Tony Arnett (again), Lynwood Kreneck, Museum, Art collection, Acquisition committee, Funding, Gifts, Taos founders, Other Richard Mason interviews, Potential for reviving the arts in Lubbock, Texas Tech University, Contribution to community, Symphony, Improvement over time, Importance of Vision, Need for attracting diversity of interest, Need for cultural center and central ticket office, Goals for the 1980s

Range Dates: 1970s-1989

Bulk Dates: 1970s-1989

Access Information

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