Beane, E N 1977-08-03

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In Tape 1, E. N. Beane traces his family history and describes his various jobs. In the second tape, he concludes his talk about Crane, Texas, emphasizing the old timers’ reunion. Mrs. Doolen talks of her family history and about early Crane, Texas.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: E. N. Beane

Additional Parties Recorded: Mrs. Clyde Doolen

Date: August 3, 1977

Location: Crane, Texas

Interviewer: Fred Carpenter

Length: 1 hour, 20 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: Background, Crane, Texas (February 14, 1927), Family background, Parents, J. O. Beane, Anne Dearman, Married (September 1902 or 1903), Born, Portales, New Mexico, (August 10, 1907), Greer County, Oklahoma (1907), Electra, Texas (1919), Colorado City, Texas (1920), Midland, Texas, Worked for Jayce Curry, Wife's family (Trice's), Grocery store in Crane, Texas (1927), Married (July 27, 1927), Wife died (February 2, 1977), Texas Electric Service Company, Mail contract (1927), Story about gamblers and L. P. Cox and O. C. Kenneson, Assistant post master (1928), Phillips Petroleum (1929), County employee (1929), Accident at Phillips Petroleum (1928), Ice company (1929), Humble Oil and Refining Company (1929), New wells, Camp, Laid off September 13, 1929, Stock market crash

Tape 1, Side 2: Depression, National Recovery Act, Works Progress administration, Story, Frefribelle and Duffy, Began work (1939), Promotion, Interest in company, Bold out (January 1, 1945), Gulf Oil employee (1945), Retired (1971), Constable election, Early county officers, Elected (September 3, 1927), Cemetery, Origin of the name "Beanie", Great-uncle, Francis Scott Key's physician

Tape 2, Side 1: Early Crane, Texas, Articles, Old time music, Radio program on McCamey, Texas, station, KCMR (1954), Judge Roy Bean program (excerpt from), Old Timers' Reunion, Mrs. Doolen: Annis Worley, maiden name, Parents, J. J. Worley, Dora Greenwade, Crane, Texas (1939), Clyde Doolen, Crane (1937), Gulf Oil Corporation, Married (1945), Born (January 29,1909), Sisters, Fanny Windle, Bernice Plate, Early Crane, Clyde Doolen, Worked in MacElroy (?) Field

Tape 2, Side 2: Early Crane, Texas (continued), Population, Today, Arrowheads, Pictures of K. T. Service station, Haskell County, Texas, Fist railroad

Range Dates: 1902-1977

Bulk Dates: 1902-1977

Access Information

Original Recording Format:

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