Bedford, H.G. 2007-12-06

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H.G. Bedford talks about his family, career, and education. He focuses on his experiences on the rodeo team at Texas Tech University.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: H.G. Bedford

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: December 06, 2007

Location: Midland, Texas

Interviewer: David Marshall

Length: 01:37:21


Background; Born at Midland, Texas; Family background; Talks about his grandfather; Grandfather formed Benjamin County; Talk about grandfather (continued); Ranching interests; About father; Business interests; Newspaper articles; About father (continued); Cattle breeding; Oil discovery; Droughts; Talks about his mother; Responsibilities given to him at ranch; Problem of screwworms; Techniques to doctor cattle; Eradication of screwworms; Severity of screwworm infection; Women’s participation in ranch; Increase in deer population; Coyotes; Weeds; Rodeo interests; Cowboys on ranch; Interests in polo; Quarter Horses; Military Career; Reasons for getting into the navy; Received training in Seattle, Washington; World War II experiences; Plans after retirement from navy; Reasons for attending Texas Tech; Texas Tech University; Dairy Barn; Rodeo at Texas Tech; Team members; President of rodeo club; Horses and roping; Intercollegiate Rodeo Association; Roping events; Participating schools; Forming Intercollegiate Rodeo Association; Female participation; Trained horse for roping; Other participants; Rodeo at Texas Tech (continued); About Dean Stangel; Talks about injuries caused from rodeo events; Memories of bulldogging at Tech; About E. J. Holub; Practicing Rodeo; The help he received; Texas Tech arena; Requesting an arena; Polo team at Tech.

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