Brannon, Truett 2006-02-02

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Truett discusses growing up in the cowboy culture and how his early interests in cowboy activities, and his friends and family, affected the West Texas lifestyle. He also recounts family stories about the cowboy culture, and his current thoughts on the subject.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Truett Brannon

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: February 02, 2006

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: David Marshall

Length: 02:10:13


Background information about Truett; Born in 1948; Lived in Silverton; Parents natives of Silverton; Dad and maternal grandfather in John Deere Business; Lived there until age 8; Parents’ education; Dad was successful coach; Drought and tornado in Silverton; Survival in the tornado; Dad born in Seymour, 1924; Paternal granddad was a carpenter; Granddad’s name Jess Brannon, Sr.; Four boys and one girl in granddad’s family; Dad’s experience playing with horse; Dad’s school; Mother’s place of birth—Denver; Maternal granddad’s occupation in Ford Motor Company; Granddad’s wrestling experience; Location of Granddad’s birth; Experiences of motorcycle and band; Marriage of grandparents; Granddad served as county judge twice; Story with the sheriff; Ownership of a hardware store; Childhood experience; Childhood experience with cousins; Moved to Canyon; Graduated high school in Canyon; College life; Went to college at West Texas State; Changing idea of major; Kept the job in the recession; Life after college; Oldest child was born; Moved to Amarillo; Great grandparents; Great grandparents’ family members; Overpopulation of rabbits; Rabbit hunting; Gun hobbyist; CRP land; Early life of Grandfather; Grandfather’s virtues; Experience with horse raising; Story with Monte Stephens; Nearly killed a bull; Left after the bull woke up; Secrets of handling bulls; Great-grandfather; Confederate army; Cattle driving; Working with sheep; Building fences; Battle with Indian; Died in the 50’s; Virtues of great granddad; Hired a caretaker who wrote a book about him; Funny stories; Started cow herd; Bought bank; Moved to Amarillo; Story of storm; Great-grandfather’s family; Great-grandfather’s siblings; Marriage; Constantly moving; Conception of cowboy culture; Aspects of cowboy culture; Cowboy spirit; Copy of great grandfather’s manuscripts; Life in Ruston County; Went to kindergarten; Life-long friends; Got first horse at the age of 5; Fell off; Horse sent to rodeo; Lost horse; Dad’s experience of horse riding; Attributes of horse named Roxy; Horse named May; Horse named Hotshot; Father’s life at early age; Dad’s hardware store and John Deere dealership; Sold to others; Teaching experience of parents; Dad’s interest in Texas; Father’s football coaching experience; Coaching for other sports as well; Rivalry; Got married and moved; Recalled a girls’ basketball game; Fan behavior after game; Last regional championship until 1980s; Other schools of Silverton; Perspectives about wild animals; Change from wild life to current life; Hunting snakes; Morris Stephens—a well-known cowboy; Served in the Army in Burma; Came back and started rodeo; Developing the farm; Characteristics of Morris; The way Morris ran his Rodeo; Bull fighting; Special bulls Morris owned; Cowboy rescued from a bull; Personal connection with Morris; Horse riding experience learned from Morris; Taught others to train horses; Swam a horse across river; Flood during junior high; Water issues; Lake in Canyon; Irrigation controversy; Springs; Different canyons; Tule Canyon near Caprock Canyon; War in the canyon against Indians; Landscape neglected by passers-by; Caprock Canyon; Establishment as Caprock Canyon State Park; Trails in the park; Drove down the trail in the canyon; Escaped from the railroad; Wildlife in the canyon; People who lived in Silverton; Played with magic; “Superman” game; Funeral; Condolence letter; Youngest son; Daniel Mayfield; Other relatives and their families; Aunt and uncle and two cousins; Cousins’ occupations; Cousin died from cancer.

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