Bratenhorst, Elsie 1981-08-21

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Elsie Bratenhorst discusses her family (Friemel) and her life in Umbarger, Texas.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Elsie Bratenhorst

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: August 21, 1981

Location: Amarillo, Texas

Interviewer: James Seuseney

Length: 1 hour


Tape 1, Side 1: Paternal Grandfather Pious Friemel, Land owned, Fruit trees to United States Department of Agriculture, Types of fruits and berries, Paternal Grandmother, Garden, Vegetables sold in Canyon, Texas, Canning, Methods, Pious Friemel (again), From Germany, Freighter to U. S., b: c. 1860, To Galveston, Texas, Worked up to Schulenberg, Acquainted with the Winklers, Married Magdalena Winkler, Winkler family, Large family, Pious Friemel (again), Search for larger plot of land, Son, Clement, Orchard, Irrigation, Types of grain grown, Uses of grain, Milking, Magdalena Friemel, Home industry, Cheese, Elsie Bratenhorst's family life, Father, Leaving land to siblings at marriage, Building homes, Pious purchasing land for children, Mother, Always moved to make way for others, Places family lived, Farming, Methods, Prior to late 1940s, Steam tractors, Thrashing, Crews housed and fed, Crew members, Elsie Bratenhorst's childhood, Christmas, Tree, Decorations, Christmas Eve, Mass, Old St. Mary's, Umbarger moves across rail road tracks, Build new church, Pious Friemel (again), Father Dolgji, 25th Anniversary celebration, Fund raising festival, Spring menu, Fall menu, New priest makes changes, Preparation of Meals, Women's Alter Society, Sauerkraut, Decision to serve at festival, Anecdote: gathering cabbage

Tape 1, Side 2: Festival (continued), Sauerkraut meal for festival, Canned green beans, Applesauce, Potatoes, Sausage making day, Date of Festival, Sausage, Recipe, Wicks and Bratenhorsts, Butchering, Ingredients, Bizarre and country store, Became part of Umbarger festival, Produce, Fresh eggs, Handicrafts, Grapes, Grandfather grew grapes, Cider vinegar from apples, Cider press, Wine press, Made wine for personal use, Sold cider vinegar, Types of grapes, Vineyards, Home brew, Maternal grandmother made beer, Family celebrations, Birthdays, Christmas, Dinner, Sausage making, Seasoning, Cooling out of meat, Preservation, Slaughter, Types of sausage, Blood sausage, Head sausage, Bratwurst preservation, Slaughter (again), Preservation in summer, Bratenhorst family background, Great grandfather from Germany, Nebraska booster, Brought 24 new families from Westphalia, Landed at New York, To Texas, John Bratenhorst, Real estate and hardware, Farmed in Umbarger, Sylvester Bratenhorst, Umbarger families, Friemels, Wicks, Bratenhorsts, Beckmans, Pious Friemel (again), Other families to Umbarger from Germany, TAPE BECOMES INAUDIBLE NEAR THE END

Range Dates: 1860-1981

Bulk Dates: 1860-1940s

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