Brown, Harold 1998-07-16

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Lubbock attorney Harold Brown talks about living in Snyder, Texas in the 1940s and 1950s and he also talks about his association with George Mahon.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Harold "Bo" Brown

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: July 16, 1998

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Fred Allison

Length: 3 hours


Tape 1: Brown, Harold "Bo", Born in Snyder, Texas on December 30, 1940, Father: Brown, Harold P., Sr., Mother: Brown, Rubile Bohannon, Started working at the age of 14, Ranch and oil field work, Scurry County, Texas, Characteristics, Father's businesses, Tended cattle after father, Harold, had a heart attack, Family, Grandfather: Brown, H.P., Grandmother, Living in Justiceburg, Texas, First school teacher in Justiceburg, Texas, Wife: Brown, Lady Falls (Virginia Verle), History, Moore, J. Wright, [They are looking at guns], Snyder, Texas, Buffalo hunters, Characteristics in the 1940s, Roads in West Texas in the 1940s and 1950s, Creeks in West Texas in the 1940s and 1950s, Amount of water, Settlers in West Texas, Snyder, Texas (again), Oil boom, 1949, Population increase, Building more business, Settled down in 1951, Rabbit irradication, Community activities, Church, baseball, movies, Farming, World War II years, Buffalo bones sold for fertilizer, Buffalo hunting, Indian kill site, Anthropologists

Tape 2: Anthropologists (continued), Indian artifacts, "Wagon Road", Trade route, Snyder, Texas (again), School system, Lambert, Elaine, Southern Methodist University, 1959, Tarleton State College, Texas Tech University, Wife attended, University of Texas School of Law, Graduated in 1966, Wife: Professor at Texas Tech University, Director of the University Writing Center, Never took the bar because of the army, Paid a dollar for his license, Interest in becoming a Lawyer, Army, Adjutant General, Entered on October 1, 1966, Atlanta, Georgia, Armed Forces Examining Entrance Stations, Never went to Vietnam, Transferred to Dice Air Force Base to be closer to little brother, Army (continued), Attitudes of the soldiers, Isolated society, Opinion of Vietnam War, Wife got a job in Lubbock, Texas, Lubbock, Texas, Grissom, Clyde - uncle, Court of Civil Appeals, Worked for county attorney's office, January 2, 1969, Evans, Pharr, Trout and Jones (Jones, Flygare, Brown and Gorton), Oldest law firm between Galveston, Texas and Sumner, New Mexico, Judge Bean, began the firm in 1906, History of firm, Hired as a trial lawyer, 1970, Partners, Law Practice, Agribusiness, Business ventures, Agribusiness (again), Changes, Large corporations, Southern Cotton Oil Company, Gins in the south plains, Farmers, Living in cities, Changes in law profession, Corporate farms, Government involvement

Tape 3: Farmers (continued), Crop insurance, Mahon, George, Brown was Chairman of the George Mahon Congress Committee, Langston, David, [They are looking at photographs of George Mahon and Gerald Ford], Kissinger, Henry, Opinions, Ford, Gerald, Opinions, Opinions, Politics, National debt, Health care, Home in Washington D.C., Mahon, George (continued), Decision not to run for re-election, Wanted Harold Brown to succeed him, Brown in charge of Mahon's funeral, Story about funeral, Contributions, George Mahon Elementary School, Minamite's immigration crisis, Church, 1970s, Seminole, Texas, Story about Mahon singing, Greatest contribution to the Lubbock, Texas area

Range Dates: 1906-1998

Bulk Dates: 1959-1978

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