Cagle, Woodrow 2008-07-03

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Woodrow Cagle talks about his childhood in the countryside and the farming skills he has learned. He discusses the city structure of the town he lived in and the weather conditions there. Lastly he reminisces about urban lifestyles.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Woodrow Cagle

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: July 03, 2008

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: David Marshall

Length: 01:45:45


Background information; Born in Carter, OK in grandfather’s place; Location of Carter; Born October 5, 1918; Smallpox epidemic; Quarantined during epidemic; Water well; Other siblings’ places of birth; Uncle’s blacksmith shop; Got a tractor in 1923; Model T truck; Left many family members; Camping experience; Cats owned; Camped on the way; Camp fire and camp food; “Big Prince” and “Slim Prince”; Road conditions; Caprock and Matador; A shack lived in; Source of water; Early exploration of the area; Impressions of different kinds of countries; Worked with older brother; Two summers of working; Clinic in the country; Health problems; Middle school; School house; Favorite seventh grade teacher; Friends at school; Favorite subjects; Farming skills and their effect on school; Structure of West Texas towns; School, Church, Post office; Hardware store; Existence of buffaloes; Ways to warm up the house; Distribution of electricity; Tools of farming; Cotton market; Location of the buildings back then; Selling cream; 4th of July celebration; Farming and drought; Equipment in the gym; Sand Storms; Impact on agriculture; Transported the corps; Killed a cow; Church activities; Only one Methodist church in town; Sunday school; Cards with bible verses; Bell tower; Church of Christ gathering; Mom played piano at church; Bad weather conditions; Tornado and hail; Impact on cotton production; A tornado that destroyed buildings; Storm pattern; Hail damage; Predator problem with the livestock; Rattlesnake; Mountain lions; Big snake 6 feet long; First impression of Texas Tech; Football program of Texas Tech; Called Matadors back in those days; Uniform of the football team; The city of Lubbock.

Access Information

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Transcript: Transcript available in reading room

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