Cannon, Douglas Wayne 2004-10-14

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Douglas Wayne Cannon discusses growing up in Levelland, Texas and how his early interests of sports affected his college sports career. Other topics include: his experience in college sports and his thoughts about Texas Tech University’s current sport program.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Douglas Wayne Cannon

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: October 14, 2004

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Daniel Sanchez

Length: 01:25:02


Douglas Wayne Cannon; Born in 1941 in Levelland, TX; Family History; Parents’ names and birthday; Parents’ occupations; The only child in the family; Name of the grandparents; Paternal grandfather worked as a sheriff; Place of mother’s birth; Maternal Granddad worked as mechanics; Early interest in sports; Softball competition in 4th grade; Baseball experience when turned; Father couched baseball and play football in the 30s’; Progress in sports; Competitive sports programs in high school; Played as catcher in baseball; Exposure to professional baseball player; Involved in track; Tied as 8th place; Pro-style offense in high school football; Achievement in high school football career; State championship in senior year; Rivalry with Andrew High School, Andrews, Texas; Other rivalries high school football; Rivalry with Littlefield High School, Littlefield, Texas; Record of high school football; Hartford’s basketball team; Baseball team record; Snyder High School’s baseball team (Snyder, Texas); Track team; Personal honors in high school; College career; Recruited by Texas and Oklahoma; Choices of on college; Decision to go to tech; Texas Tech; Signed to play football and baseball for tech in 1960; Tech became a member of Southwest Conference; EJ Holub; Freshmen team; Got married in the summer of freshmen year; Special rules in freshmen year; Game in Arkansas; Game with Tulane University; EJ’s performance in the game; Celebration with EJ; Incident of EJ; Sophomore year; Controversy in senior year; Coaching experience in senior year; Transition from high school to college; Change of offense style from high school to college; A&M coaches in junior year; Baseball experience; No facility for baseball home plays; Played without fence; Difficulties in football; Teams that played against; Sports played after college days; Baseball in the summer; ROTC in 1965; Coached freshmen baseball team in the fifth year; Other Occupations; Went back from military service in 1967; Cashier manager in hospital for 7 years; Went to a different medical clinic; Started working for State Farm Insurance; Thoughts about college sports career; Fans of west Texas; Ups and downs in the 60s’; Respect gained in the recent years; Optimistic about the future of tech football; Comments about Leach’s offense style; Watched the first game of Leach; Evolution in style of playing football; National attention; Facilities in recent days; The construction of indoor practice facility; Impacts of transition from Southwest to Big 12 Conference; Bobby Knight; Influence of coach Knight to Tech basketball; Lost dad in 1982; Actions coach Knight took to improve Tech basketball; Pat Knight’s radio show; Scholarship level.

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