Caraway, TG 2010-11-26

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Caraway was born in West Texas and spent most of his life there. He speaks about his musical background and being a political activist throughout his life.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: T.G. Caraway

Additional Parties Recorded: n/a

Date: November 26, 2010

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Andy Wilkinson

Length: 2 hours, 53 minutes


Background; Born in Lubbock, Texas; Grandfather’s migration to Farmer, TX for land; Father’s side from Erath County, TX; Father’s abuse from grandfather; Farmers’ struggle with the Dust Bowl; Mother’s family from East Texas; Parents meeting; Left Farmer, TX in 1972; Childhood work; Spent time in Crosby County and Lorenzo, TX; Interest in reading; Spent time in Ralls library; History and politics; Youngest graduate of high school class; Devastating house fire; Moved to Ralls, TX; 44 students in his graduating class; Found out about Southwest Collection library; Took a great liking to the SWC; Family bought a service station; Farmers Union; Going to Washington, D.C.; Creating a plan; Experiences meeting congressmen; McAllen Protest; Tractor arrests; McAllen Protests; March 1978; Protesting food with harmful chemicals; Protestors beaten and arrested; Made Farmers Union as large as it was; Tractor route; Member of the Southern Tractor Route; Drove tractors around the states; Over 60 tractors; Experiences on the interstate with police; Hospitality from citizens; Arriving in Washington, D.C.; Organized protest; Extreme number of farmers involved; Friendships he gained; Blizzard causing problems; Burning of tractors; Events after the law being declined; Other congressmen he met; Returning to Washington; Arranged meetings with lobbyist; Reagan supported them; Protested for Missouri for soybeans; Less involved in American Agriculture; Duration of his involvement in protesting; Involvement in politics; The importance of politics; Experiencing great gain; Family farming experience; Musical Background; Started at church; Attended Baptist music school; Interest in instruments; Musicians that influenced him; Experiencing nightlife; Meeting his favorite band, The Maines Brothers Band; Becoming the band’s tour mate; Seeing studio work; Making permanent friendships; Joining the Air Force; Memories with his family before leaving; Impact of his grandfather’s death; Being around professional musicians; West Texas Music Association; Meeting more influential musicians; Events held; Showcasing West Texas talent; Getting involved in politics; Returning from Korea; Involvement in State Convention; Starting a democrat group; Other job placements; Working at Texas Tech; Involved in the State Employee Union in Austin; Conflicts in politics; Working at Austin Community College; Texas Land Office; Union Organizer; Working for Bill White; Conflicts with Obama election; Losing democratic seats; Views of democrats changing; Future plans for Caraway; Return to Union Organization; Bringing the Texas Democratic Party back

Access Information

Original Recording Format: born digital audio

Recording Format Notes: audio CD recording available for listening in our Reading Room

Transcript: available in Reading Room only

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