Cavazos, Bobby 1998-08-18

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Bobby Cavazos talks about his life growing up on the King Ranch in Texas, his football career at Texas Tech University, the book he has written, his singing career and his involvement in the Red Raiders’ Club.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Bobby Cavazos

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: August 18, 1998

Location: Kerrville, Texas

Interviewer: David Marshall

Length: 1 hour, 20 minutes


Tape 1: Cavazos, Bobby, Father: Laurol Cavazos, Jr., Foreman on the King Ranch for 40 years, Cavazos, Bobby - childhood memories, Cattle drive under the highway overpass, Childhood pets, Viecho (?) Garcia, Took care of the kids, the garden, and the house, From Mexico, Time with father, Fruit trees on the ranch, Cavazos, Bobby - childhood memories (again), Mother feeding homeless travelers during the Depression, Mother, Tomassa Kintinia (?), Scholarship at Texas Tech University, Father (again), From Wilimar County, Breaking and selling horses to Mexican army, Mother (again), Born on the King Ranch, Maternal grandfather, Raised feed for King Ranch livestock, Owned farm outside Rivera, Texas, Sold goat cheese and vegetables to train passengers, Childhood Pets (again), Viecho Garcia (again), Set traps, Childhood Pets (again), Wildlife around the ranch, Bobcat litter brought home, Siblings, Names, Age differences, Education, School on the ranch, Moved to town to continue education, Father (again), Education, Took stage to school as a boy, Oxen used to lead cattle, Father (again), School in Brownsville, Encouraging the kids’ education, Siblings (again), Education, Kingsville, Texas, Naval base for pilot training, USO, Sister’s engagement to a soldier, Siblings (again), Personalities, Larry’s writing, Dick was a four star general, Cavazos, Bobby - childhood memories (again), He was the guinea pig of the kids, Riding horseback all over the ranch, down an embankment, Catching armadillo, Cooking armadillo, Cavazos, Bobby - childhood memories (again), Natural environment around the ranch, Wildlife (again), Birds, Lake dried up, Cavazos, Dick, Football at Kingsville, Texas, Cameron, Emmett, Coach at Kingsville, Texas, Impact on Dick and Bobby’s lives, Making Bobby Cavazos a manager of the high school football team, Cavazos, Dick (again), Football at UT Arlington, Football at Texas Tech, Military career, Speaking and leadership skills, Cavazos, Bobby - childhood football, Grade school football, Junior high school football, High school football, Playing junior college football while in high school, Positions played, Offers from colleges to play football, Siblings (again), Larry at Texas Tech University, Dick’s scholarship to Texas Tech University, Description of Lubbock – winter, Texas Tech football practice for the Raison Bowl, Considered football scholarship at North Texas University, Went to Texas Tech University at mother’s insistence, Roomed in West Hall with Dick, Texas Tech University Football, Freshman year team, Coach Weaver toughening up practice to weed out players, Scott, George, Cavazos, Bobby (again), High school track, Texas Tech University football (again), Players that stayed after weeding out process, New players brought in, Description of the split T formation play, Fellow player Jerry Walker, Arizona University game, Team plays, Jack Kirkpatrick’s plays, Bootleg plays, Screen plays, Screen play against Baylor University, Quarterback option plays, then and now, Split T play today against today’s big defensive players, Importance of speed, Trick plays, Game against Texas A & M University, Records held by Texas Tech University’s football team, Positions Bobby Cavazos played, First and second teams, First drive scoring, Team’s closeness on and off the field, Cotton Club in Lubbock, Texas, Recreation Hall at Texas Tech University (University Center), Location, Description, Activities in and around Lubbock, Texas, Texas Tech University football (again), Successful years, People who helped team get into the Southwest Conference, Cavazos, Bobby (again), Records set while playing football at Texas Tech University, Accomplishments in Texas Tech University football, Personal strategy for success in football, Johnson, Jerry, Cavazos, Bobby (again), Reaction to demise of the Southwest Conference, Texas Tech University football (again), Texas Christian University game during Bobby’s sophomore year, Reaction to Texas Tech University being in the Big 12, Big 12 tougher competition, Reaction to Texas Tech University’s football probation, The job of a head coach, Effect of the probation on the football team, Cavazos, Bobby (again), Graduated in 1955, 1954 drafted by Cardinals, erment from reporting to the Army

Tape 2: Bobby Cavazos (again), 1954 drafted by Cardinals (again), Cardinals fellow players, Shoulder injury, Return to Texas Tech University, Army sent him to Korea for 18 months, Went to work at the King Ranch, Book written by Bobby Cavazos, Brief description of the book with episodes from his father’s time on the King Ranch, Book title, When and where the book will be available, Spanish land grant given to the Cavazos family in the 1700’s, Became part of the King Ranch, Cavazos family 7 generation Texans, Cavazos, Bobby - singing career, Started as a singing cowboy on the ranch, Crash Stewart, friend and agent, Meeting with Ray Price, Singing with Ray Price, Singing at the Fiesta Club in Alice, Texas, Mercury Labels recordings, Monument Labels recordings, Decision to quit music to focus on King Ranch job, Type of music and records, Song writing, Description of song Bobby wrote, Singing now, Working with the Red Raider Club, Fund raising for bubble dome practice field, Building membership in the club, Changes in directorship, Praises for Texas Tech University, Prognosis for Texas Tech University football in the Big 12, Nebraska’s football team

Range Dates: 1932-1998

Bulk Dates: 1936-1955

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