Chandler, Jane Stevenson 2012-11-09

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This interview features Jane Stevenson Chandler, daughter of Texas Governor Coke R. Stevenson. Jane discusses her early life and what it was like to be the daughter of a politician. She recounts her early memories of her father and his political opinions on various world events.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Jane Stevenson Chandler

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: November 09, 2012

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: David Marshall

Length: 00:57:24


Born on January 16, 1956, Family Trips, Her two half-brothers; how often she saw them, Her mother’s early marriage; a single mother after her husband’s death, Starting school; skipped first, Growing up on the ranch, How religion shaped her and made her into the person that she is, Childhood, When four or five years of age, Growing up in a small town, Childhood influences, Washington D.C., Her mother and father agree on politics and other issues., Opinions on Robert Caro’s books, Her father—Coke Stevenson; his early career, Father’s political career and life, Father as Governor of Texas, Life in the Governor’s Mansion, The gun her father carried in his brief case, Her father was issued the first driver’s license, Her father was never a good driver; he grew up riding horses, Why her father carried the pistol around, Bitterness regarding Lyndon B. Johnson, Physical description of Coke Stevenson, Where he got his name, Being religious and a school teacher, How he encouraged his brother and sister to finish their education, Coke Stevenson running a bank, Receiving his law license, Being interested in any kind of history, Father being proud to be a Texan, Twin drownings, Explaining how the accident happened, Meeting Lyndon Johnson, How her father was a Democrat but always voted Republican, Jane’s mother—Marguerite; Why Tiny was her nickname; her personality, Jane’s children attended, Texas Tech., Other reflections, Excellent memory, Her father being out in about in the ranch, Information about Andy Murrh, Telling her father’s favorite story

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Transcript: Transcript available on Dspace

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