Clement, Longina, Montaque, Coleman, Rankin, Lowrie, Gray, Gram, McDow, Hicks, and Gribble 1958-05-05

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The Clements and other various speakers reminisce about life in Collingsworth County from the late 1880s to the early 1900s.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: John and Grace Clement

Additional Parties Recorded: Mrs. Hugh Longina, Mrs. R. S. Montaque, Mrs. L. S. Coleman, Mrs. Lou Goodnight Rankin, Bessie Henard Lowrie, Carrie Henard Hicks, Ila Gram, Carrie McDow, May Godfrey Hicks and Luther Gribble

Date: May 5, 1958

Location: Collingsworth County, Texas

Interviewer: Louis Graham, Don Rore, John Coleman

Length: 1 hour, 50 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: Mrs. Hugh Longina [speaker], Arrival in Collingsworth County, Texas (June 1888), Landscape and wildlife, Lack of shelter, Interaction with Indians, Half dugouts, Prairie fires, County seat selection, Wellington, Texas, Church service locations, First telephone, News and mail to residents, Weapons, Parties, Activities at picnics, Fruit, Lack of roads, Mrs. R. S. Montaque [speaker], Goods by freight, Wagon yards, Early freighters mentioned, Freight wagons, Towns traveled by freighters, Traveling across prairies, Goods freighted in town, Food prices mentioned, Killing of hogs for meat, Meat smoking, Fire fuel, Mrs. L. S. Coleman [speaker], Arrival in Collingsworth County (August 1892), Incident, horse bucked at Henrietta, Texas, Trip to Collingsworth County, Description of County, Filing procedure for land, Living conditions, Half dugout, first home, Food supply, Wildlife, Rocking Chair Ranch discussed, Traveling conditions, Farming conditions

Tape 1, Side 2: Mrs. L. S. Coleman [speaker] (continued), Farming conditions (continued), Mail, Ranchers and nesters feuding, Travel to doctor, Visitors, Mrs. Lou Goodnight Rankin [speaker], First school in Collingsworth County at Fresno, Texas, Mrs. W. O. Richards, teacher, Attended subscription school at Clifford, Texas (1892), Tuition $1 a month, Subjects taught, Books used, Miss Russell, teacher, Location in Russell home, Various students mentioned, Building of school at Buck Creek, Texas, W. D. Collins, teacher (1903), Teaching certificate, Taught at Buck Creek school, First students mentioned, Discipline problems, Students fighting, Incident, students fighting at New Bazel School

Tape 2, Side 1: Mrs. Lou Goodnight Rankin [speaker] (continued), Incident at New Bazel (continued), Teaching at Buck Creek (again), Desks used, Books, First graduation class at Wellington (1910), Class members mentioned, Early schools of Collingsworth County, Bessie Henard Lowrie and Carrie Henard Gray [speakers], Arrival in Collingsworth County (November 1898), Trip to Collingsworth County, Land purchase, $600 for 4 sections, Water problems, First impressions of Wellington, Church services, Non-denominational, Revival, Courthouse activities, Observation tower discussed, Activities at picnics, Community singings, Various songs mentioned, Plum picking as social event, Hunting, Literature read, Wellington Bank, Crops grown, Cotton planted (1903), Cotton gins, First ginning season (1905), John and Grace Clement, Ila Graham, Carrie McDow [speakers], Arrival in Collingsworth County (October 1890), Father brought livestock, Built half dugout, Family arrived in Collingsworth County (December 1890), Reaction to move, Description of half dugout, Problems, Water, Sandstorms, Lack of fencing, Home remedies, Entertainment, Use of guns, Gunfights mentioned, Snowstorms, Indians, Visitors, May Godfrey Hicks [speaker], Wellington, Texas, First store, Isabelle Mercantile Company, Other stores mentioned, Wellington Hotel, Description, Activities

Tape 2, Side 2: May Godfrey Hicks [speaker] (continued), Wellington Hotel activities (again), Glenn andHollowfield General Mercantile, Description, Early clothing, Description, Cosmetics and skin care, Bonnets worn to protect skin, Hicks' house, Interior decorations, Coal-burning range stove, Breadmaking, Milk preservation, Grinding coffee, Judge Luther Gribble [speaker], Organization of Collingsworth County, Judge J. A. Fires, County seat selection, Pearl, Texas vs. Wellington, Locations and promoters, Early lawyers mentioned, J. K, Duke, County judge, Early legal matters, Surveying the county, Land distribution to railroads, Early lawyers (again), Sideline work, Obtaining a license, Preparation of registration of livestock brands, Early livestock brands mentioned, Unwritten laws, English Common vs. Spanish law, Cutting timber, Nesters and cattlemen feuding, Killingsworth County (nickname origin), Factors changing laws

Range Dates: 1882-1958

Bulk Dates: 1882-1910

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