Coleman, Jerry 2010-09-30

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General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Jerry Coleman

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: September 30, 2010


Interviewer: Andy Wilkinson

Length: 01:21:24


1960 Reunion, Lubbock High, Monterrey, They have a shared reunion, Old days, It cost $15 bucks when he was born, Wilson, A farm, The Grapes of Wrath, Woody Guthrie was inspired by that movie, Schooling- Wilson, Ms. Foster, Ms. Davidson, Milked three cows- since age 4, Gather eggs, Chickens, Hoed cotton in summer time, Grandma on father’s side- Half Cherokee, 1954, Graduated HS, Worked for RC company, John Hewlett- Nifty Fifty’s car club, KLLL, Coach Brown, Brown Varsity’s, KLBK- Sunday Mornings, KSEL- Bob Clark, 1957, Juke Joint, 1957, He started playing Rock and Roll, Jim Span, Ray Clark, Nettie Gale, Tech, Three years, Quit, Only short about 30 hours, KSEL, Went to Hollywood, Snuff Garrett, KFWB- Cali., Got a job in Bakersfield, CA, KIKK- Where life begins at 80, Draft board letter from Lubbock, Bruce Hamilton- Walt Disney Company, Havana, Cuba, Castro was in power about 6 months, Tropicana–Mafia, Got drafted, Gary Garner- Rodeo rider, Basic training–6 weeks, MOS- Military occupation specialty, VUNC- voice of United Nations command, P.I – Political influence, Okinawa, Propaganda, Recorded on tapes, Year and a half “vacation”, WWII, 15,000 deaths, Eventually discharged, 1961, KSLE, Bill McAlester, Jerry Allison- Crickets, 1962, Worked in Amarillo, Brother in law offered him a job, McClain, VA, Jack in the Box, Cherry Hill, NJ, Philadelphia, Yonkers, Union, Detroit, 1969, KLLL, KBFM- Larry and Sky, Country music was frowned on, Eventually it started to be big, Outlaws, Willie and Wayland, Bought 25 % of KLLL KLBK, Sharron Maines, KFYO, 10 years, 98 Cool, 5 years, Bill Clement, 1998, KDAV, Children, Christi – Flower mound, Julie (Teeter) – Lubbock, Both nurses, Friends, Jerry Allison, Buddy Holly, Hi-d-ho, Buddy Holly was not that famous in Lubbock, But the world knows Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Wayland Jennings, Don Bowman- KLLL, Wayland, big fan of Coleman’s, Billy Bob’s, Bob Jordan, Jim Bob Jackson, Hell’s Angels, Good hearted woman in love with a good timing man, Nose candy, Vegas, Nashville, Publishing companies, Fancy hotel where all the Billie’s lived, George Jones, Watching himself on the T.V, Hank Williams Jr, Fan Fare, Wayland- the Cadillac with the long horns on it, He had the boots Hank Williams Sr. died in, 1976, Snuff Garrett, Wayland agreed to do a show, The next year did the same thing, Bo Dilly, The Buddy Holly memorial, 1979, The crickets were playing, Wayland was a surprise guest, Changes in radio, Playlist and DJ’s are the same, Carbon copied today, Coleman can play by his own rules, Dr. Cox owned Hi –d- ho, The Jet, The Rebel, The Village Meal, Billie’s, This is a reference to Hill Billie’s, Coleman calls all the country singers Billie’s

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