Cornell, Howard 2010-10-12

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Howard Cornell talks about his early career goals, working on the Lakewood Police Department, as well as his time spent in Iraq and Kosovo.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Howard Cornell

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: October 12, 2010

Location: Broomfield, Colorado

Interviewer: Andy Wilkinson

Length: 01:38:55


Mosul, Iraq; American headquarters; Forward operating bases; No-fly order over Mosul, Iraq; National Police Academy; Transportation issues; Being diagnosed with Prostate cancer; Thoughts of dying from roadside bombings; Not going back to Iraq; Fewer resources in Iraq; Soldiers leaving Iraq; Iraqi government taking control of Iraq airport; Lack of transportation resources; Collecting bayonets; Lack of experience among servicemen; Refusals to work in certain areas; Differences in teaching after leaving Iraq and Kosovo; More freedom in Kosovo; More geographical freedom in Kosovo; Living off base; Going to Albania; Travel opportunities; Conflicts in the area; Relationship with Serbians; Teaching students in Iraq; Prestige and honor with the job; Talking about God; Women in Kosovo; Women in the classes; Keeping up with local customs; Gaining trust with women students; Comparisons with policing in Kosovo and Iraq; Being an outsider and insider in Kosovo; Experience with training; Survey on class values; Differences in class values among America and Kosovo; Top values with the students in Kosovo; Giving a class on values; Variations on values; State department’s warning; Surprise with the survey findings; Decline of family and religion; Current studies on stress during the Iraq War; Differences in Iraq and Kosovo; Iraqi lack of fingerprint knowledge; Crime labs in Iraq; Creating non-executive jobs in the police force; Not knowing what to expect with the police force; Taking first police job; Early career goals; Developing career goals; Entering graduate school at the University of Utah; Thesis on critical incidents; Putting graduate school on hold; Moving to Lakewood, California; Educational backgrounds from the police officers; Getting a Master’s degree; Graduates of the Lakewood Police Department; Talents on the police force; Convenience store robberies; Developing a stake-out of the convenience store; Catching the robber; Making a good guess; Going down to the station to make the report; Being asked about the stake-out; Watch one getting the credit; Effectiveness of classes; Salaries going up; Requirements for becoming an officer increases; Lakewood Police Department set the standards; Colleges picking up Lakewood books; Getting college paid for; The Lakewood way; Chief in a difficult department; Thinking of the big picture; Establishing standards in smaller towns; Graduating successful chief of police; Chicago Police Department offers training to smaller towns; Making a good chief; Receiving criticism; Sending a candidate to the National Academy; Receiving more criticism; Smart people on the force; Writing poetry; Methods of recruiting.

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