Cornell, Howard 2010-10-13

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Howard Cornell was a policeman for many years before he retired. He talks about different situations and crimes he experienced from being a policeman in different communities throughout the United States.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Howard Cornell

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: October 13, 2010

Location: Broomfield, Colorado

Interviewer: Andy Wilkinson

Length: 04:07:45


Career choices; Police work; Marines; JC Penney Manager; Ogden, Utah rail center; Ogden, Utah; Community; Tourist stop; Social and cultural diversity; Tremonton, Utah police job; Police Work; Leaving Tremonton; Jay Hershey; Crime Scene supervisor; Recruiting; College Experience; Financial issues; Uniform allowance; Hours of school; Graduation; Life after college; Teaching experience; College advisor job; Learning about Lakewood, Colorado; Welfare Cafes; Ogden Police Department; Crime and race; Quitting police work; Changes in communities; Traffic regulation; Police Experiences; Case Load; Lakewood police; Women in police work; Female uniforms; Lakewood Police Department; Male uniforms; Police weapons; Requirements to work; Working traffic; Other recollections; Traffic tickets; Leaving Streamwood, Illinois; Fireworks story; “The trunk boys”; Personal anecdotes; Rainbow story; Crime prevention; Bucky Fuller; “Trunk boys”; Why they were called trunk boys; Reason they had trunk open; City councils view of scam; “Round tabling”; Streamwood, Illinois experiences; Personnel director; Police fraud; Good detectives; Streamwood police work; Missing girl case; Information not assessable for the case; Dealing with the family; The search continues; Looking for a dead body; Abduction theory; Autopsy report; Meeting with the family; Family’s reaction; Cook County meetings and hearings; Interviewing the family members; Conducting loose surveillance; Brother confesses to the murder; Family deaths; Reason for leaving; Turning over the investigation; High officials going to prison for corruption; Taking job as assistant chief; Police department known for vice; Corruption endemic; Firings throughout the departments; Corrupt policemen; Part time job; Shooting dogs; “Dirty cops”; Corrupt policemen (cont.); Tips from police; Corrupt county police departments; Insider trading; Conflict of interest; Vehicle offers; Temptations in hard times; Terminally ill daughter; Turning down offers; Bribes; Negotiating pay; Controversial topics; Marijuana legalization; Views on abortion; Smoking cigars/cigarettes; Move to Broomfield, Colorado; Important cases; Arrest of rapist; Vehicular assault case; Other memorable cases; Murder of Rita French; Kids committing homicides; Police duties; Story about family death; To protect and serve; Call to dispatch; Highlights of police work; Lakewood police department; Olga “Yogi” Mancuso; Movies; Other recollections; Moving from Broomfield to Lakewood; Amy Pound; Budget in schools.

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Transcript: Transcript available in reading room

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