Dale, Jack and Ashby, Gary and Grigg, Dickey 2003-05-15

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This interview is about three influential people who dealt with the Texas Tech athletic community. Jack Dale has been an announcer for over 50 years, and is everything related to Texas Tech sports. Gary Ashby played and coached baseball, and Dickey Grigg played football at Texas Tech. This interview talks about the highlights of all three of their careers.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Jack Dale; Gary Ashby, and Dickey Grigg

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: May 15, 2003


Interviewer: Bill Tynan

Length: 01:12:52


Grigg; Football player; Lubbock Monterey; Coach King; Unlimited scholarships at that time; Ashby; Baseball player; Lubbock Monterey; All American last 2 years; Dale; Grigg – Rob Janelle; Toughest two players at Tech; Undersized; Ashby- one of the most talented baseball players at Monterey; First base; Motivation; Coach King gave you a chance- FB; Mrs. King taught at Smiley Wilson Elementary; Grigg put Tech on UT’s radar; Memorial stadium- First game to start; Defensive tackle; 195 lbs.; Beat U.T; The pilot circled Austin twice; The tower was not lit; Had to land in Amarillo; Tech fans were on the runway at the airport; Ashby; Pretended to be Jack Dale as a child; 1974; Monterey – 60’s -70’s all tenacious; They did not like loosing; Coach Sears taught classes; Did the field work; Played 5 years of pro ball; Head baseball coach; Brooks Wallace- Assistant Coach; Leukemia – 1 month in season he died; 2-19 Season; The only time loosing did not matter to him; Grigg; 1967; Tech vs. Texas A&M; A long time until A&M beat Tech again; Coach King and Willie’s Apple; 1969- Last year; First time to play on artificial turf; A&M; 1969; 13-9; The Era of the boys; Double T association; Coliseum was filled; Handcuffed Royal- TCU player to the goal post; Jack; Created the game; Knew where the ball was; Legacy; 50 years of Tech Sports; Jack Dale was Texas Tech; Never blamed a kid for anything; Negativity was not directed at the kids; Always found something positive to say about the teams; Two people: Polk Robinson and Jack Dale, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s; Humble; Never show favoritism towards one team or another; Humble Oil Refinery; They were there to report not editorialize; Ashby; Memorable moment; Does not really have one; Did not sweep teams; Did not win a conference; High school- always playing for something; Did a broadcast with Jack Dale; Jack knew how to make an opening; Did it for the money; Highlights; Baseball is hard to do; The most dead air time out of all sports; Trees in the outfield at Dan Law Field; South West wind; Hitter’s ballpark.

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