Dickson, John 2012-06-12

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General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: John Dickson

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: June 12, 2012

Location: Buda, Texas

Interviewer: Andy Wilkinson

Length: 01:46:49


Hawesville, Hallet Ranch, Ancestors of John, Away in the West- a play Andy wrote about women, On the frontier, 1830’s in Texas, People were important because of what they could do, As an individual, John still runs cows out on the land, Interest in music, Parents played country music, Family of musicians, Uncle – Charles Dickson: Big Band, Pat Kelly- Best White Jazz musician in the 20’s, John never had the patients to play an instrument, He enjoys listening to the music, getting people involved, He would bartend at Greene Hall, Greene, Texas, Close to New Braunfels and San Marcos, His brother would tell him to listen to musicians, John got a lot of different experiences to aid in his interest, George Strait, Clay Baker, Asleep at the Wheel, Traditional Polka, Ummpa Building, German tradition, Did not come through Greene Hall too often, College Days, Party at the college house, Local musicians would come and play, Realized he liked recreation more than anything, Degree in Health, The Vietnam War, It affected him a great deal, He would see the body counts, he figured that, For those of the people who are home, he is going to, Do everything in his power to help them have a good time, Enjoy life, Ski Trip, 30-40 people a trip, The first year he sold about 600 trips, He ended up getting free trips, he would get a hold of, Bands and told them that they can go on a free ski trip, But they have to play, The University embraced his trips, local law enforcement, He organized one of the first spring break trips down to Padre, The whole idea was to get everyone together, but keep them safe, He had the curve; there were no DWI campaigns out at the time, Musicians, The House Flies, The Limos, A lot of cover bands, Blues, John would start to rent out halls in San Marcos, Todd Snider, Riley’s Tavern, Bob Popular, UT Frat Boys, John became friends with the Tech guy, Music series, Hang em’ high Saloon, 11 week series, Jack Ingram, Geared towards the college students, Dixie Chicken- Cedar building, Western Style, Out Law music series, 1996-97, The facility held about 8000 people, Dickson Productions, 1981, His name was on it, therefore he was going to do a Good job, and not slack off; his reputation was on the line, He would get to hear a lot of original music, He gave the young people a stage, The community embraced it, Lubbock- where the people were coming from, Jack Ingram- SMU, College Station embraced the music, Currently 450 musicians at the festival Music genes, Very rarely do musicians come from a non musical home, Even if their parents are not professionals, they would still, Sing at home, in the church, or pick on an instrument, Billie Joe Shafer, Young artist would sing his song to them, The most influential to them, Telling a story, Personal stories, Tributes, Record the tributes, Robert King, James Taylor, Future, John feels blessed to be able to help out the musicians, And the music scene, Geographic Regions, Influences your music, where you come from, Definition of Genuine, A feeling/experience that comes from the heart, John appreciates when people put their heart and soul, Into a project, Culture, The influences of music, Where does the sound come from, You can be in two different countries across the world, And you will be able to hear similarities, Jessie Scott- D.J, Music is primitive; it gets your tribe together, You can pick what tribe you want to join, A sense that you can pick your friends, essentially, You enjoy the same types of music, Interpretations of songs- that is what comes through the artists, You don’t learn to become a song writer, until you, Sing other peoples songs

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