Donaldson, Dr J D 1997-07-01

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Pediatrician J. D. Donaldson discusses his experiences in Lubbock medicine from the early 1950s to his retirement in 1984. Included are his personal experiences while growing up in Tahoka and his service in the Navy during World War II.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Dr. J. D. Donaldson

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: July 1, 1997

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Fred Allison

Length: 2 hours


Tape 1, Side 1: Donaldson, J. D. background, b: Tahoka, Texas, October 5, 1913, Raised in Tahoka, Mother and Father to West Texas--1902, Description of trip and farm, Grandfather - anecdote, Father's investments and move to California, Return to Tahoka, Description of Tahoka farm, Memories of childhood, Graduated high school -1931, Playing tennis, Brothers and sister, To Rice University and Texas Tech - pre-med, Teaching school in Draw, Texas, Worked and lived with Mac McAllister, Anecdote, Other work - Agricultural Adjustment Administration and bank, Medical School at University of Texas - Galveston, Summer work for Krueger, Hutchinson, Overton, Doug Rushing, Baseball for KFYO, Mac McAllister (again), Internship for Oklahoma City, Texas Tech doctor, Navy service, Served aboard refueler in South Pacific, Little combat, Description of ship, Philippines, New Hollandia, New Guinea, Turning base over to Dutch, Met future wife, Return to U. S., Residency in St. Louis, Dr. Hartman, Establishing children's clinic in Lubbock, Dr. Ellis, Dr. Carr, Retired, 1984, Worked at well-baby clinic, Community work, Gardening, Childhood memories (again), Dugout storm cellar, School - Newland and Tahoka, Early autos, Snowstorm - 1918, School - Tahoka (again), Mrs. Story, Brother's accident, Boy Scouts

Tape 1, Side 2: Donaldson, J. D. (continued), Father's beliefs, Whippings, Sister, Depression taught work ethic, Activities, Mac McAllister (again), Draw, Texas, school (again), Characteristics, Activities, Methodist Church, Depression, Cotton prices, Sharecroppers on father's farm, Political philosophy, Farmers and government, Interest in medicine, Decided not to be a minister, Mother's influence, Hispanics, Transients, Treated at West Texas Hospital, Difficulty in admitting, Methodist Church changes, Less caring, Neighborliness, Welfare substitute, Texas Tech and Lubbock, ca. 1932, Size, Donaldson, J. D., boarding house experience, Washed dishes, Tenants, Playing bridge, Navy, Buying car after war, Number of students, Entertainment, Tennis, First Methodist Church, 'Hi' Robertson, Donaldson, J. D. (again), Wedding in St. Louis, Dr. Godbold, Summer work for pioneer doctors, Dr. Krueger - surgery, Dr. Overton - kindness, Dr. Hutchinson - anecdote, Jaspar Hubbard, Care of burn victim

Tape 2, Side 1: Donaldson, J. D. (continued), Summer work (continued), Burn victim (continued), West Texas Hospital doctors, Experience as Texas Tech doctor, Anecdote about reporter, Navy experience (again), Reaction to A-bomb, Interest in pediatrics, Mother's influence, Return to Lubbock - reasons for, Lubbock Sanitarium hiring doctors, Doctor's pay, Loyalty required, West Texas Hospital, Dr. Overton's offer, Dr. Benson - pediatrician, Private practice, Difficulty finding associates, Wives opposed to West Texas, Dr. Carr, Dr. Ellis, Practice medicine Lubbock, ca. 1955, Housecalls, Good doctor/patient relations, Medical society, Dr. Gordon - unifying force, Outlying communities - visits, Donaldson, J. D. treating jaundice, Changing blood, Plains Hospital, Dr. Glenda Miller - first female doctor, Male doctors' reaction to, Old time doctors reaction to newcomers, Accepting, Dr. Hutchinson - Austrian medical training, Closed staffs, Doctor shortage, Few pediatricians, Dr. Overton (again), Dr. Dunn, Oil interests, Anecdote, Emergency room development, Demise of housecalls, Changed procedures, Animosity between camps, Friction caused by egos, Dr. Krueger gall bladder surgeries, Donaldson, J. D. (again), Children's Clinic patients to West Texas Hospital, Methodist Hospital - 'open staff', Indigent care, Doctors cared for people

Tape 2, Side 2: Donaldson, J. D. (continued), Indigent care (continued), West Texas and Lubbock Sanitarium practices, Pursuing payments, Beliefs about, Money secondary, Customs of not charging ministers, doctors, Minority care, Blacks treated at office, Boyhood friends, Anecdote about young girl, Housecalls, 'Meals on Wheels', Hispanics, Well-baby clinic, Sick children, Community center anecdote, Childhood diseases in past, Meningitis, Scarlet fever, Ear infections, Pneumonia, Dr. Chatman, Medical Society meetings at Chatman Hospital, Well accepted, Minority care (again), At hospitals, Donaldson, J. D. (again), Emergency room duty, Golden age of Medicine, Patient relationship good, No government intervention, Enjoyable - no greed, Major medical developments, Drugs, X-Ray, Prostate treatment, Donaldson, J. D. views, Government intervention, Reasons for, Doctor greed, Lack of doctor cohesion, Glad not practicing now, Less independence, Changes, Lack of interest in patients, Anecdotes, Medicare/Medicaid, Greed in society, Lubbock as regional medical center, Specialists and facilities, Lubbock tornado, Worked at West Texas Hospital, Advice to new doctors

Range Dates: 1902-1997

Bulk Dates: 1950s

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