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The oral histories listed below were donated to the Southwest Collection as part of their own collection. Contact the Reference Department for further information.

Finding Aid found here:

    • Topics: general history of the Big Country (Abilene Texas area), family life, recollections of twentieth century events (WWII, Kennedy Assassination, childhood)
  • Courtship and Sexuality Student Oral History Project (almost 150 student-conducted interviews under the supervision of Dr. Julie Willett, in the history department of Texas Tech University)
    • Topics: sexuality, courtship, dating, women in American culture
  • Bob Gibson (interviews relating to Meadow Veteran Interview project, see below)
    • Topics: World War II
  • Nita Gibson (series of twenty-six interviews conducted by Alice Olson)
    • Topics: dust bowl, WWII, women in farming, economics, politics
  • Hale County Museum (over two hundred cassettes)
    • Topics: Plainview, Abernathy, Llano Estacado museum
  • William Leo Hansberry (lectures and talks given by Dr. Hansberry from 1950s, loaned by Kwame Alford, Texas Tech history prof)
  • Jorge Iber Class Interviews (twenty one interviews)
    • Topics: Mexican American history
  • Last Frontier Museum (CD copies of interviews conducted by June Kennedy)
    • Topics: family histories of Cochran County
  • Lubbock Area Real Estate Association (twenty-eight interviews conducted by Morgan Rudy)
  • Meadow Museum Veterans Project (interviews conducted by Bob Gibson, sixty audio cassettes and thirteen transcript binders)
    • Topics: World War II
  • Fred McVay (twenty five interviews)
    • Topics: Lubbock's North Overton area
  • Muleshoe Public Library (twelve interviews)
    • Topics: Muleshoe history
  • Ogallala Commons Student Oral History Project (seven interviews done for class project)
    • Topics: Nazareth Dairy
  • Blair Pittman Oral Histories (twenty-seven interviews with I.C. Eason)
    • Topics: forms basis of the book King of the Dog People
  • Jerry Ramsey (nineteen interviews on cassettes, bound transcripts available)
    • Topics: oral autobiography of E.W. "Tub" Ramsey
  • Charles and Lou Rodenberger (twelve duplicated audio CDs)
  • Jack Skilles (fourteen interviews)
    • Topics: early history of Langtry and Del Rio
  • Square House Museum (ten interviews on CD, donated by Viola Moore)
  • Stonewall Heritage Society (twelve interviews copied to CD, donated by Bernice Weinheimer)
  • St. Paul Digital Oral Histories (three born digital audio recordings)
    • Topics: Lubbock's St. Paul's on the Plains Episcopal Church
  • Terry County Historical Commission (forty cassettes, digitized)
    • Topics: Brownfield
  • Toxic Tour of Texas (103 audio cassette interviews conducted by Sharon Stewart)
    • Topics: environmental issues, groundwater, hazardous waste
    • See corresponding manuscript collection finding aid here
  • WWII Oral Histories, Texas State University (twenty two interviews, primarily conducted by Feris Bass)
    • Topics: World War II