Dorough, Bob 2010-04-15

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General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Bob Dorough

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: April 15, 2010

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Andy Wilkinson

Length: 01:38:06


Tape 1, Side 1:

Plainview, Graduated in 1939, High school band, Played Clarinet, Harmony course, Learned about basic classical music, Robert Cole Davidson (Chief), Took him under his wing, Early Music, Grandpa had an organ, Uncle played a fiddle, Sung, Chief told him to move to Lubbock, D.O Wiley, Prof. Wiley, Texas Tech majored in Band, Aubrey Smith- played jazz clarinet, Got Drafted, Camp Hue land, Learned to drink, D.O Wiley got him a gig in the Military band, Transferred North, Played piano, Saxophone, Pittsburg band, Job was to entertain the troops about to deploy, Eventually got transferred to Arkansas, Then he was to entertain the returning soldiers, Got discharged eventually, North Texas, G.I Bill, Jazz Music Major, Feeder band, He was directing the middle school band in Plainview, When he was in HS, Camp Hue Land, He would send them the music, Plainview, In the fall- football music, Spring- classical music

Tape 1, Side 2:

Jazz Band, They ordered music from a catalog, He would change it and play his clarinet, They never preformed, just rehearsed, Texas Tech, He wrote for the Big Band, Wrote a couple marches, The Spring Review, “If I met a German or a Jap”, Spring of 1943, Amarillo, Waited until June to start going to school again, Lived a Jazz life, Played Clarinet, Played Piano, Jack Dulong, Carney Finico, Playing primitive piano, Avoided anything that did not deal with Music or Art, New York State did not recognize his B.S, Enrolled in Columbia, Columbia, Took basic classes, He needed to get “regular credits”, Eventually got into grad school, G.I Bill ran out, Got a divorce from his wife, After all that went out into the world of music, 1952, Dean Benedetti, Hotel Diplomat, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Prom, Chuck Willie, Bird played the Apollo theater- strings, Went on the road with Sugar Ray Robinson for a few years, Conducted music for him, Sugar Ray, Venues, Canada, Traveled by trains, Louie Armstrong, Marty Neapolitan, They went to Paris, France, Joe Scott, This is the Army Mr. Jones, Scotty taught him to drink Gin, Gordon’s Gin, They went on a cruise ship, One night they did a show in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, They were in France for 9 months, He got a job at the Mars club- 1st job where he could play whatever he wanted, Aaron Bridges- lover of Sweet Pea, Played Billy Stayhorn songs, Cabaret, Accompanied some people, Maya Angelou, Calypso, Eventually got back to New York 1955, Amram, Wears all of his instruments, Improvises, Jazz Camp, Students, Did it so he could be doing something, Lasted about a month, Hollywood, Bethlehem folded, New Label, Never did make that record, Recorded Jazz and Poetry album, Worked in two levels, The Hillcrest, Met Miles Davis, Terry Mural, Miles- eclectic, “Nothing like You”, Willie Bo Bo, Composing, Miles Davis was going to play, Had to think about what style Miles Davis has, He likes to start with the “center”, Either the key or major or minor, Drop the tempo to a blues feeling, Miles altered the fast and slow parts, No one could tell him what to do, Blue X-Mas, Produced, Spanky and our gang, Met Bill Tucker in Hollywood, Played bass, He wrote “comin home baby”, 1973, School House Rock, Multiplication tables to rock-n-roll music, David B. McCall, Three is a magic number, Eleven songs-multiplications, Tested the songs at Main Street College of Education, Educational and Entertaining, 1973-1985, Every Saturday morning, Jazz Career, Bradlees, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, All while working on School house rock, Intense work- Television, His daughter was the perfect age when he was doing the songs, The Four Legged Zoo

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