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This interview features Pat Ellebracht, retired college professor and graduate of Texas Tech University. Ellebracht discusses in great detail his relationship with influential stock investors of the twentieth century, brought about through telelectures conducted for his classes. Ellebracht also recalls his childhood in Mason County Texas, his family, changes in academia over the years, and what he does in his retirement.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Pat Ellebracht

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: May 13, 2013

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Monte Monroe

Length: 04:56:59


Discussion of materials brought to SWC and Various Projects, Family history, Describing family members in a picture, Ellebracht shows books and articles, Anna Mebus Martin, Ellebracht’s other writings, Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham and Phillip Fisher, Invests in Texas Instrument stock, Meeting Fisher in San Francisco, Earl Bakken and Blue babies, Meets with Graham again, Description of more items brought to SWC, Formal Oral History Interview, Family background and history, Home life, growing up, Working in Saudi Arabia, Ancedote about motor scooter, Becoming a college professor, getting married, More recollections of Ellebracht’s father, Military High School, Higher Education and Teaching, Changes in college, Ellebracht writing his thesis, Technology and Equipment Changes, Why Ellebracht came to Texas Tech, College Experience, Finding work after college, General Observations and Recollections, Growth and decline of businesses, Race issues in the sixties, Kirksville Missouri history, After retirement: historical society, investment, Future investment in stem cell research, Where to put money later in life, Mesa Laboratories and other companies, Investing and paying for college, More on Benjamin Graham and Phillip Fisher, Nucor Company, Kenneth Iverson, Meeting Fisher, How Ellebracht contacted people (ex: Arthur Rock), Robert Noyce, Beginning of Walmart, Wrapping Up, Ellebracht’s wife, kids, and grandkids, Starting the teleconferences, Telelecture with Ross Perot, Ellebracht’s other interviews, transcripts, Interview and transcript with John Herzog, Financial History Museum and Herzog, FI DuPont goes under, Telelecture with Smuckers, Why Ellebracht chose Texas Tech, Evetts Haley connection, Fine art collection, Dan Howard (artist), Influential Professors at Tech

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Transcript: Transcript available on Dspace


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