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[[Category: Needs Review ]] [[Category: SWC Interviews]] [[Category: 2000s]] [[Category: Mexican-American Experience]] [[Category: Family Life and Background]] [[Category: Discrimination]] [[Category: Cattle Industry]]
[[Category: Needs Review ]] [[Category: SWC Interviews]] [[Category: 2000s]] [[Category: Mexican-American Experience]] [[Category: Family Life and Background]] [[Category: Discrimination]] [[Category: Cattle Industry]]
[[Category: Immigration]]
[[Category: Immigration]] [[Category: Spanish Language Interviews]]

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Jose Luis Estrada, a resident of Brownwood, Texas, discusses his migration to Texas from Mexico and his career in ranching. He also talks about the different social and financial issues that he has experienced as a minority.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Jose Luis Estrada

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: June 21, 2000

Location: Brownwood, Texas

Interviewer: Juan L. Riera

Length: 1 hour


Tape 1, Side 1: Estrada, Jose Luis, b. April 24, 1929 – San Carlos, Mexico, Parents- labor workers, Corn, beans, animal caretakers, Margarita Estrada, b. Austin, Texas, Wife , Parents – b. Arizona, Nine children, Parents went to Rio Acuna City, Mexico with the family – 1962, Jose and Margarita Estrada married and she brought him to Texas, Jose Luis Estrada, Worked in California for the first year, Worked in Idaho for the second and third years, Freonia, Texas, Bought a house, Worked at Missouri Beef Packing, Work was available for the entire family, Taking the fat off of beef, 421 workers, Brownwood, Texas, Proper housing, Worked at a small plant, Killed the cows, 1976 – 1985, Women would cut the beef while the men would kill the cows, Storage rooms and trailers to transport the beef, He owned three cows and one pig, Auctions, Buy cows every Tuesday, Sugar Refinery, Sugar beets, Factories, Idaho, Childhood, Mexico, 6 years spent at school, Parents wanted children to work, Helped parents with animals, Cows and chickens, Enjoyed working, Needed money, Education, Courses, Quality

Tape 1, Side 2: Education (continued), College – inexpensive, Religion, Catholic Church, Attended a local church in Brownwood, Texas, Both English and Spanish Mass was available, Majority of the members were Spanish speaking Mexicans, Many Mexicans migrated from Mexico, Approximately 70%, Immigration, Green card requirement, Prices, Level of difficulty, Worked in Sugar Refinery in Brownwood, Texas, Career, Business philosophy, Sold cows, Prices, Food supply for animals, Times of business, Problems, Travelers, Bought most of the cows, Most of the cows were bought and taken to surrounding areas, Ranching, No companies or branches, all were locally owned ranches, Advice, Offers advice to young adults to attend college

Range Dates: 1929-2000

Bulk Dates: 1962-2000

Access Information

Original Recording Format:

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