Jacoby, Fred 1997-08-08

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Fred Jacoby, retired commissioner for the Southwest Conference, talks about his career and his eventual involvement with the Conference. He also discusses the breakup of the Southwest Conference and reasons behind it.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Fred Jacoby

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: April 4 and August 8, 1997

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Abel Ramirez with Dr. Jim Harper

Length: 1 hour, 40 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: Fred Jacoby background, Graduated from Logan High School Logan Ohio, Ohio State University, Graduated at the age of 20, Coached high school football, Worked on Master’s in the summers at University of Wisconsin (1953), West High School Madison Wisconsin, Assistant coach at University of Wisconsin (1958- 1966), Commissioner for Wisconsin State University Conference (1966-1971), Commissioner of Mid-American Conference (1971- 1982), Kent State incident, Programs for student disruptions, Commissioner of Southwest Conference (1982), Moved to Dallas Texas, Retired in 1993, Helped set up a conference office for the Lone Star Conference after retirement, Reflections on career, Being a commissioner, Opinions, Southwest Conference, Handbook, Re-wrote, Met with administrators and coaches to write guidelines, Formed Women’s Basketball Advisory, Committee, Women’s athletic programs, Basketball, Growth, Track programs, Women’s athletic programs (again), Women employees, Basketball, Scheduling, Promotions, Television coverage, Ratings, Market shares, Expanding coverage out of the state, University fan base, Breakup, Reasons, State schools becoming larger and more dominant, Integrating black athletes, School violations, Sports (1950s).

Tape 1, Side 2: Southwest Conference, Breakup (continued), Reasons, School violations, Board of trustees, Presidents, Recruiting, Texas football, High schools, Southern Methodist University, Name rights, Former members, Formation of conferences, Regions.

Tape 2, Side 1: Fred Jacoby background, Born: 1927 in Logan Ohio, Parents, Did not finish high school, Ohio State University, Logan Ohio, Ceramic industry, Fred Jacoby (again), Graduated high school (1945), Worked summer jobs in Columbus Ohio, Graduated college at the age of 20, First coaching jobs, Coaching women, High school sports (1940s), Women, Minorities, Fred Jacoby (again), Jobs at high schools, Driver’s education, Games coached, Worked on Master’s at University of Wisconsin (1950), Head coaching job at Madison West High School (5 years), Jimmy Bakken, Place kicker, Madison West High School, University of Wisconsin, Rose Bowl, Played 17 years with St. Louis Cardinals, High school football, Midwest (1950s), Region set ups and game schedulings, Fred Jacoby (again), High school jobs, Taught 10 years, Coaching at the University of Wisconsin (8 years), Became commissioner for Wisconsin State, University (1958), Worked for five years, Accomplishments, Wisconsin State University Conference, Women’s athletics, Title Nine, Cannot discriminate programs because of sex, (1971).

Tape 2, Side 2: Fred Jacoby (again), Became commissioner of Mid-American Conference (1971), Accomplishments, Athletes, Women’s program, Jacoby Cup, Trophy for all women’s sports, Commissioner for Southwest Conference (1982), First duties, Fix business operations, Start women’s program, Texas Tech women’s basketball national, championship (1993), Integration in conferences, Minority athletes, College athletes, Education, Entrance requirements to college, Changes, Eligibility requirements, Rules, Enforcement, Compliance programs, Coordinators, Coaches, Rule violations, Southwest Conference, Meeting with presidents—1st meeting with Jacoby (December 1982), Agenda, Presidents of the universities, Authority, NCAA Conventions, Increase in attendance, Reasons, NCAA restructuring, Southwest Conference (again), Demise, Reasons, State schools vs. Private schools, Big 12 Conference formations, Politics.

Range Dates: 1927-1997

Bulk Dates: 1950-1997

Access Information

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