King, Carl 1986-12-03

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Carl King reviews development of corn industry and agriculture in the Dimmitt area.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Carl King

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: December 03, 1986

Location: Dimmitt, Texas

Interviewer: Richard Mason

Length: 65 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: King, Carl, He is head of Texas Corn Growers Association in Dimmitt, Group started 14 years ago with 4-5 growers, Local use of corn, He funded group for 6-7 years, Corn fund-raising and check-off program, Nuclear Waste Task Force, Energy Users Association for gas and electric, Bargaining association, Weldon Davis, director, Corn grit plant for 1988 season, State and Federal government agencies, Research funds to Texas Tech and Texas A&M, Corn insects, Hard-endosperm corn for millers, Export to Mexico and Venezuela, U. S. Feed Grain Council membership, Membership across Texas, Check-off only in local 7 counties, 70-75% of Texas corn, Goal is food-grain corn for humans, 3,000 members, Local corn history, Started in late 1960’s, Wet-mill plant built by Dimmitt Agri Industries coop, Starch industry, Sweetner industry now, Co-op, Amstar, American Fructose, Dry-milling vs. wet-milling, Co-ops in Castro County, More elevators needed in 1940’s, Feedlots, Costs of production and 1985 Farm Bill, Co-ops (again), ?Kaufer-Volstead Act, Competition, better storage and dividends, Dimmitt Agri Industries (again), Wet-milling plant (again), Key is board and manager, Bill Clark is manager, King was on original board, Original manager was Aaron Isaacs, Lawsuits on anti-trust, Dr. James Isner with Corn Products, International, Dimmitt group won settlement, Management team, Three members, with ?Demaco Management Company, Expansion: wet-mill plant, feedlots, Frito-Lay white corn, Corn-growing methods, Seed from mid-west, Texas and Mexico, Hard-endosperm corn (again).

Tape 1, Side 2: King, Carl (again), Climate favors Dimmitt area, Aflatoxin minimized, Southern Corn Leaf Blight not an issue here, Irrigation methods, South African hard endosperm corn, Developing of irrigation in area, He has been here 35 years, Had Navy stint in World War II, Worked for West Coast oil company, Came back in 1951, Born and raised at Cotton Center, Hale County, Transition from open ditch to pipe/sprinkler, Over-production issues, Export policies needed, GATT agreements, Irrigation (again), He grew up on Hale County dryland farm, Mr. Green of Plainview dug first wells, Green Machinery, He came back at 30 years of age, Started farming and family for 2 years in Hale County, Moved to Castro County, Friend between Nazareth and Hart helped, His interest now in young farmers, Soil conservation issues- Sod-buster program currently, Recharge issues and tailwater, 100 year supply with management, Conservation efforts by growers, High Plains Underground Water District, His own water conservation efforts, Pipes, leveling, tile, sprinklers, His energy use is 3 electric and 14 gas pumps, Gas in 1955- 23 cents, now $3.00+, Pioneer Gas and Energas Company mainlines, Secondary lines by growers developed about 1957, Drilling wells since 1940’s, Plains Gas Users Association, Started 25 years ago in 26 area counties, Board met with Pioneer Gas Company, Pioneer started in north Panhandle, Legislative issues for rates, Deep wells in Anadarko Basin and Pecos area, Nuclear Waste Task Force (again), Delbert ?Devins of Tulia oversees it, Ogallala and Santa Rosa acquifer issues.

Tape 2, Side 1: King, Carl (again), Leaks and contamination, Federal Department of Energy ignores laws, Senator Lloyd Bentsen helps us, Recycle nuclear waste, Hereford area was political decision, WIFE’s group got 50,000 signatures to Vice President Bush, Drilling would jeopardize agriculture in area, Feedlot industry (again), He has interest in lamb feedlot at Sunnyside, Cheap feed grains result in cheap livestock prices, Supply and demand factors, Farm economic problems and solutions, He has not paid taxes in 4 years, Cheap food policy, Farm loan strategies, Current farm program cost $40 billion, Growers going broke, His goal to save tax dollars and growers make profit, (tape ends after 5 minutes).

Tape 2, Side 2: Blank

Range Dates: 1940 - 1986

Bulk Dates: 1951 - 1986

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