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[[Category: SWC Interviews ]] [[Category: 1970s]] [[Category: Lubbock, Texas]] [[Category: Farming]] [[Category: Texas Tech]] [[Category: Family Life and Background]]
[[Category: SWC Interviews ]] [[Category: 1970s]] [[Category: Lubbock, Texas]] [[Category: Farming]] [[Category: Texas Tech]] [[Category: Family Life and Background]] [[Category: Frontier Life]]

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Ottis King tells of early farming methods used in West Texas, and his wife reminisces about her father and her early life in Lubbock County.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Mr. and Mrs. Ottis King

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: October 28, 1977

Location: Lubbock County, Texas

Interviewer: Bobby Weaver

Length: 01:18:19 (1 hour, 18 minutes)


Tape 1, Side 1: Mr. King To West Texas (1922), Canyon, Texas, Lubbock, Texas, area (1926), Roads, Automobiles, Farming, Equipment, Cattle, Sheep raising (1920s), School, Rotan, Texas, Greenville, Texas, Education, Omaha, Texas, Farming, East Texas vs. West Texas, Irrigation wells (began 1942), Depression (1930s), Farm equipment, Tractors (c. 1928), Teams (through 1936), Advantages of tractors, Farm day described, Stock used, Dry land farming, Electricity (1932-1933), Transportation.

Tape 1, Side 2: Blank

Tape 2, Side 1: Mrs. King Lifelong resident of Lubbock County, Albert Becton, father, Mason, To Tennessee (1909), Member of the Estacado Lodge, Loaned money for education, Generous, Helped early settlers, Closing of the Bledsoe School (1934), Mrs. King (again), Education, Anecdotes, Becton, Texas, New school building (1929), New settlers (1925-1927), Abner Becton, Religious, Church attendance, Abner Becton (again), Stock ranches, Becton, Texas (again), Gin opened (1924), Estacado, Texas, Stores, Dry goods, Petersburg, Texas, Lubbock (again), First trip to Lubbock, Texas Technological College groundbreaking.

Tape 2, Side 2: Shopping trips to Lubbock, Becton, Texas (again), Abner Becton (again), Philosophy, Family, Bought furniture, Made their own clothes, Lighting, Had a light plant (generator), Abner Becton (again), Worked for Ed Ames, Parents died, To Texas from Tennessee, Married (May 8, 1898), Grandfather Bryant (Mrs. King’s), Mercantile store in Estacado, Death, Mrs. King (again), Mother, Background, Hard worker, Frontier woman, Early life, Canning apples, [Tape ends abruptly].

Range Dates: 1898-1977

Bulk Dates: 1924-1930s

Access Information

Original Recording Format: audio cassette

Recording Format Notes: digitized August 2017, compact disc available in Reading Room

Transcript: no

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