Kirkpatrick, Jack 2000-02-02

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Jack Kirkpatrick talks about ranching in the Post, Texas area, about Post, Texas during the 1940’s, and about playing football for Texas Tech University.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Jack Kirkpatrick

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: February 02, 2000

Location: Post, Texas

Interviewer: David Marshall

Length: 1 hour, 20 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: Kirkpatrick, Jack, Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Lived on the family ranch near Post, Texas, Moved into Post, Texas in 1941, Attended grade school through high school in Post, Texas, Attended college at Texas Tech University, Returned to Post, Texas area after college, Grandfather, Purchased family ranch near Post, Texas in 1925, Family ranch, A few acres were set aside for ranch related farming, Grandfather (again), K. Stockard (?), Born in Alabama, Family moved to McDade, Texas in the early 1900’s, He and his brother bought the family ranch near Post, Texas together, They had grown up ranching, Cattle on the ranch then and now, Cattle to acreage ratio, Over grazing in the Post, Texas area, Weather, Average annual rainfall, Winter moisture lasting a long time, Sandstorms, Locations of farm land near Post, Texas, Locations of other ranches in the area, Locations of farmland (again), Use of irrigation on area ranches, Use of windmills on the ranch, Problems with sub-surface salt water, Depth of fresh water, Post, C.W., Owned much of the land around Post, Texas , Kirkpatrick, Jack (again), Born in 1934, Family ranch (again), Rock dugouts located on the ranch, Settlement of dugouts near Clarendon, Texas, Post, Texas, Lumber used in building Post was brought from Colorado City, Texas, Indian artifacts in the Post, Texas area, Owner of the hardware store in Post had barrels full of arrowheads, Collection of arrowheads now in the Smithsonian Museum, Description of ranch location, Five miles from the cap rock, southeast of Post, Texas, Landmarks within sight of the ranch, Weather (again), Tornadoes, Snow storms, Early 1970’s snow storms, Effects on cattle, Experimental cattle breeding, Difficulties with trying to raise buffalo, Attempts to raise sheep in the Post, Texas area, Problems with coyotes and bobcats, Wildlife, Mountain lions, Antelope on high plains, Deer around the cap rock, White tail and mule deer, Increase in deer population, The effects of government sponsored screw worm project on deer population, Sunflowers providing feed for birds and cattle, Wildlife (again), Coyotes, Snakes, Lake Allen Henry, Location, Use as city water supply, Post, Texas (again), Water supply, Changes in the town since 1941, Lake Allen Henry (again), Oil production in the area beginning in 1950, Impact of oil business on the Post, Texas area beginning in the 1940’s, Post, Texas (again), Cemetery, School buildings in Post, Texas, Description and location of the old elementary school.

Tape 1, Side 2: Kirkpatrick, Jack (again), Began playing football in the 7th grade, Football uniforms, Football helmets without facemasks, Plastic helmets, Leather helmets, Padding, Materials used in older padding, Description of the padding, Changes in padding available and how they were attached, Changes in the size of football players, Texas Tech football, Playing offensive or defensive, National requirement players play both offensive and defensive, Time restrictions on players on the field, Kirkpatrick, Jack (again), Positions played throughout his football career, Height and weight throughout his football career, Post, Texas Football, Football standings, Football rivals, Names of competing teams, School classifications, Names of schools with six-man teams, Reasons for going to Texas Tech, College level rodeo and football, Story about Sammy Baugh, Childhood interest in football, Listening to football games on the radio, Kirkpatrick, Jack (again), Football at Texas Tech 1952-1955, Highlight year – 1953, Gator Bowl – January, 1954, Distances traveled to games, Gator Bowl (again), Coaching styles of different coaches, Offensive strategies, Split T, Where the split T originated, Coaching styles (again), Batie Feathers (?), Dwit Weaver, Coach Posier (?), All football and basketball players living in West Hall, Roommates, Married and living off campus last two years at Tech, Lubbock, Texas – 1954, South side of 50th Street was a cotton field, Entertainment, Cotton Club, Movies, State fair once a year, Dinner and movies for two cost $5.00, Gasoline cost $.20 per gallon, Older brother’s education, Parents, Willard and Ruby Kirkpatrick, Grandfather (again), Traveling by train back and forth between Texas and California, Parents (again), Met in California in high school, Texas Tech football (again), No off season for practice, A few players alsoplayed other sports, Story about a ski trip to Santa Fe, NM, College Rodeo experience, Calf roping, Roping everything that walked by, Texas Tech football (again), Dividing in groups for practice.

Tape 2, Side 1: Texas Tech football (again), Training (again), Weight training, Coaches, When Tech entered the Southwest Conference, Playing in the Boarder Conference, Rival teams and players, Training (again), Freshman year training, Sophomore year training, How the plays were called and the number of plays, Descriptions of various plays, How plays were called (again), Changing the calls, Pass patterns described, Story about punting the ball in a game against the University of Houston, Story about Sammy Baugh separating his shoulder, Playing football on a wet field, Playing football without a face mask, Tackling techniques, Story about being knocked out of both his shoes, No time delay for injuries, Kirkpatrick, Jack (again), Names of his five children, Wife’s name Zola Marriman(?), Five grandchildren.

Range Dates: 1925-2000

Bulk Dates: 1948-1969

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