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Virginia Landwer, longtime biology teacher and wife of Texas Tech professor Milton F. Landwer, discusses her childhood and early life in Ropesville, Texas, her student days at Texas Tech, marriage and home in Yellow House Canyon.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Virginia Landwer

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: November 13, 1981; October 12 and 18, 1982

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Sally Abbe, Richard Mason

Length: 4 hours, 10 minutes (total)


Tape 1, Side 1: Landwer family background, Milton Frederic Landwer (husband), Born in Illinois, Moved to Lubbock (1927), Married (1936), Yellow House Canyon, House built in Spanish architectural style, Raising farm animals, Zoology, Prairie dogs, Texas Tech college clubs, Anecdote: Pledges getting Dr. Landwer to help them catch crawfish, Problems with hunters, Geese, Discussion of houses occupied by the Landwers following the Second World War, Trees, Pinky Lowery, Indians, Development of Yellow House Canyon, Problems with litterbugs, Landwer house, Additions, Renovations.

Tape 1, Side 2: Landwer house (continued), Teaching at Lubbock High School, Ropesville, Texas, Higgenbotham Lumber Company, Prairie fire, Rattlesnakes, Baker building (Lubbock).

Tape 2, Side 1: Born: Oklahoma (1916), Migration, Texas (age 2), Parents, Mother: Ruth Wood, Father: Howard Black, Tuberculosis, Treatment, Sanitation, Parents, Physical description, Personalities, Reading materials, Exchanging, Libraries, Mail order, Disciplinarian, Mother, Parents’ values, Truthfulness, Respect, College.

Tape 2, Side 2: Depression (1930s), Working mothers, Lubbock High School (Lubbock, Texas), Father, Interests, Nature, Astronomy, Teaching career, Narcotics, Lubbock, Crime rate increase, Causes, Marriage, Age difference, Santa Anna, Texas, Entertainment, Environmental knowledge, Education.

Tape 3, Side 1: Small pox, Vaccines, Surgery, Kidney, Heart, Lubbock, Texas, Vegetation, Cotton farming, Employees, Extended credit, Prairie fire, First appliances (1920s-1930s), Refrigerator, Gas iron, Texas Tech University, Agricultural School, Dairy, Doak Hal (1934).

Tape 3, Side 2: Texas Tech (continued), Social clubs, Women’s Athletic Association, Faculty, Mary Doak, Mrs. J. M. Marshall, Rules, Dr. Bradford Knapp, Clifford B. Jones, Graduation, Women’s Recognition Service.

Tape 4, Side 1: Married (December 23, 1936), House in canyon, Animals, Water, School initiations, Husband.

Tape 4, Side 2: Blank

Range Dates: 1916-1982

Bulk Dates: 1927-1975

Access Information

Original Recording Format:

Recording Format Notes:


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