Mayfield Unitarian Seminary and Library Association

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Members of the Mayfield Unitarian Seminary and Library Association discuss the Mayfield Unitarian Seminary and other Chicago theology schools. Note: Tape speed distortion makes listening difficult.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Mayfield Unitarian Seminary and Library Association

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: None Given

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Interviewer: None Given

Length: 1 hour 35 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: Mayfield Unitarian Seminary, Importance of library, Association with U. U. A., Relationship with the University of Chicago, Degrees offered, Cluster of associated theological schools, Course offerings, Sharing of facilities, costs, University of Chicago Divinity School, Cluster schools (again), Practical orientation, Mayfield Unitarian Seminary (again), Close connection to University of Chicago, Garrett Theological School, Location, Chicago Theological Seminary, Location and affiliation, Lutheran School of Theology, Location, Other denominations in building, Other theological school buildings, Disciples House, Other schools in cluster, Mayfield Unitarian Seminary (again), Admission requirements, Faculty requirements, Other Unitarian schools in the U. S., Harvard, As a Unitarian school, Star King school, Mayfield Unitarian Seminary (again), Offers accredited degree, Accredited theological schools, Different theological programs, Pressure from Association of Theological Schools, Academic program at Mayfield, Unitarian Seminary, Internship, Thesis required, Size of faculty, Minister-in-residence program, Various ministers, Advantages, Quotation by Don Harrington, Professional training and development.

Tape 1, Side 2: Professional training (continued), Practical experience, Types of locations, Women students, Lack of difficulties, Placement rate, Housing, Faculty, Students, Trends in education, Older students, Better students, Better self-discipline, Community feeling, Higher cost, Liberal religious movement in Japan, Japanese students, Language problems, Six core areas of study, Residence requirements, The University of Chicago (again), Course content, Self-realization, Exchange of course, Information between students, Ability to sense relevance and value of courses, Accreditation of theological schools, Board, Heavy academic course work, Star King School, Less demanding, Easier admission standards, Star King "Syndrome", Counseling, Direction of students to Star King School, Special students, Independent study, Library, Cards, Journals, Budget, Meetings, Retirement plans, Staff, School history, Train ministry, Apprenticeship school, Isolated, University established.

Range Dates: None Given

Bulk Dates: None Given

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