McElroy, Edgar 1982-12-08

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Edgar McElroy, retired Air Force officer, recalls his participation in General Jimmy Doolittle’s raid on Tokyo in April 1942, during World War II. McElroy piloted the 13th plane, a B-25, on that raid, for which he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Subsequently, he helped fly supplies over the "Hump" (Himalayas) to Chinese forces.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Edgar McElroy

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: December 08, 1982

Location: None Given

Interviewer: Mark Wells

Length: 1 hour 20 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: Edgar McElroy, Born: 1912, Father a machinist, Depression, Farmers with Livestock, Family business suffered, Scarcity of jobs, Aviation, Early thoughts on, Induction into Army Air Corps, Pilot training, Three phases of training, Adapting to lifestyle, Standard of living, Assignment after graduation, Feelings about multi-engine assignment, Description of B-25, Crew, Adapting to airplane, Activities of 17th Bomber Group, P-43s, Reaction to news of Pearl Harbor, Attempt to arm planes, Submarine patrol along West Coast, Long distance fuel tanks installed, Call for volunteers for dangerous mission, Training for mission, Contact with General Doolittle, Qualifications of volunteers, Training for short takeoffs, Stabilizing Stall, Take off techniques, Extra fuel tanks for B-25s, Turrets.

Tape 1, Side 2: Practice mission to McLelland, Bombing of Tokyo, Impressions of U.S.S. Hornet, Activities of pilots prior to take-off, Morale among pilots, Target drawn by McElroy, Bomb loads, Particulars of plan, Detection by and destruction of Japanese vessel, Early take-off and extra fuel tins, Crew and launch sequence, Description of take-off, Bombing, logistics, Weather.

Tape 2, Side 1: Actions after dropping bombs, Plan for a refuel in China, Failure of plan, Jumping from airplane, Injury on landing, Assembly of crew on ground, Following a Chinese guide, Fate of other airplane crews, Transport back to safety, Flying the Hump, Communication with wife, Award of Distinguished Flying Cross, Retrospectives, General Doolittle, Characteristics.

Tape 2, Side 2: Blank

Range Dates: 1940-1942

Bulk Dates: January-May, 1942

Access Information

Original Recording Format:

Recording Format Notes:


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