Revier, Lucy Tubbs and Olive Tubbs Fluke 1969-10-04

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Mrs. Revier, her sister Mrs. Fluke and other family members discuss the Spade Ranch, the Tubbs family, and the women’s lives. Mrs. Revier taught school, and Mrs. Fluke worked as a Deputy District Clerk and later as a clerk for the Federal Court.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Lucy Tubbs Revier and Olive Tubbs Fluke

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: October 04, 1969

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Ruby Cherry

Length: 1 hour 40 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: School at Spade Ranch, One pupil, Howell Arnett, Began c. 1917, Lived in Arnett house, Anecdote, thrown from a horse, Anecdote, runaway horse and buggy, Teaching school at the Arnett house, Cowboys, Activities, Spade Ranch, Size, Owned by W. L. Ellwood, Bass Arnett, manager, Teaching school (again), Reunion with Howell Arnett, Spade Ranch (again), Number of cattle, Broken up and sold, Mrs. Fluke, Married (1917), Worked for District Clerk (1925), Spade Ranch (again), Office in Lubbock, Texas, Cattle moved to market, Etta Arnett, Social gatherings, Free time activities, Arnett brothers, Spade Ranch (again), Origin of name, Teaching at Carlisle (Wolfforth), Texas, Anecdote, met former student, Arnett family moved to Lubbock, Stayed at Ellwood house, Mrs. Fluke (again), Worked as Deputy District Clerk, Other District Clerks, Worked for Federal Court (1928), Retired (1958), Robert Isham Tubbs, brother, Early cattleman, Isham Tubbs, father, Built First Methodist Church, Lubbock, Hauled lumber, Lubbock County organized, Anecdote, naming horses.

Tape 1, Side 2: First Methodist Church, Lubbock (again), Parents charter members, Ministers, Lubbock court cases, Bootlegging case in Littlefield, Texas (c. 1935), Sheriff, others convicted, Water depletion case, Anecdote, drug addicts case, Mrs. Fluke (again), Handled female prisoners, United States Commissioner (1935-1958), Land cases, Reese Air Force Base land, Freeway right-of-way, East 19th Street, Lubbock, 4th Street frontage, Lubbock, Frankfort Avenue, Lubbock, Dedicated to Isham Tubbs, Incident, land purchase in Mexico, Isham Tubbs, other Lubbockites, Burris vs. Griffith, House built by Isham Tubbs, Pine from East Texas, Wood lost during shipment, Addition built in exchange for land, House moved, W. Oscar Tubbs, Anecdote, traded land for boots.

Tape 2, Side 1: W. Oscar Tubbs (continued), Anecdote (continued), Store owned by W. O. and Frank Tubbs, Car dealership, with Robert I. Tubbs, First airplane in Lubbock, Texas, Early dry goods store in Lubbock, W. A. Carlisle, Keench Carter, owners, Anecdote, recorded message, Anecdote, credit, Spade Ranch (again), To Lubbock for supplies, Transportation, Anecdote, switching babies, Minnie Tubbs, first teacher in Lubbock, School and church held in jail, Anecdote, cutting class, Tubbs, house builder, Anecdote, living in a dugout, Mrs. Revier, Mrs. Fluke born in Monterey, Texas, Mrs. Revier, Lubbock High School, Texas Christian University, West Texas State College, Names of LHS’s first class, Taught, Carlisle, Texas, Taught, Lakeview, Texas, Taught, Spade Ranch, Tom Arnett, Ellwood Ranch, Daughters, Eileen and Louise, Mrs. Revier at Spade Ranch.

Tape 2, Side 2: House built by Isham Tubbs (1908), Pine from East Texas (again), Mrs. Revier (again), Taught at Spade Ranch (again), Activities at ranch, Howell Arnett (again), Cowboys at Spade Ranch (again), Roundups, Salary.

Range Dates: 1908-1969

Bulk Dates: 1912-1928

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