Romero, Apolinar 1985-02-24

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Apolinar Romero talks about his family background, his childhood and personal experiences working in Texas.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name:Apolinar Romero

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date:February 24, 1985

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer:Yolanda Romero

Length: 00:29:24 (29 minutes, 24 seconds)


Tape 1, Side 1: born July 23, 1910, father Tomas Romero laborer, born in California; mother Teresa Castillo de Romero, housewife born in Arizona; brothers Pascual Romero and Jose Romero; sisters Esperanza Romero and Maria Romero; moved San Pedro, Coahuila Mexico, was one year old when family moved to Coahuila, lived for five years there; childhood moved to Piedras Negras, Coahuila, used to eat corn torillas, bans, and mea, breakfast, lunch; adobe house father built in hacienda "Lamparo," owner was Spaniard, laborers were well-treated, laborers had a salary, adobe brick process, use of oil lamps, chimney was used to cook, mother used to do laundry in a copper washtub, father worked in hacienda Lamparo, other ranches around the area, the school in the hacienda Lamparo, Apolinar went to school, gender groups, school had a telephone, teacher Sara Lopez was Apolinar's relative, doctor used to visit the hacienda to help sick people, medicine was only natural herbs, people were healthy in general; Apolinar always lived with his parents, 1923 family moved to Texas, wanted to work in cotton fields, moved in "trocas" from Coahuila to Texas, other families moved to Texas; Aoolinar's family went to Bryan, texas, lived in a house made of wood, ranch-owned spoke Spanish, African-American laborers were mistreated, 1924 went to Dallas to work, 1924 Apolinar and his family moved to other ranches, Colorado City ranch, Christmas holiday and tamales, 1926 went back to Bryan Texas

Tape 1, Side 2:

Range Dates: 1910-1985

Bulk Dates: 1917-1985

Access Information

Original Recording Format: audio cassette

Recording Format Notes: recording digitized, CD available in reading room

Transcript: no

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