Rosenwald, Monte and Phil, Bob Watson, Wes Izzard and Ray Hollingsworth 1972

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The Rosenwalds, Ray Hollingsworth, Bob Watson and Wes Izzard discuss early radio before and after the formation of the KGNC radio station in Amarillo. Various stories involving working conditions and early radio technology are also related.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Monte and Phil Rosenwald, Bob Watson, Wes Izzard, and Ray Hollingsworth

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: 1972

Location: Amarillo, Texas

Interviewer: Tom (No Last Name)

Length: 2 hours


Tape 1, Side 1: Monte Rosenwald [speaker], Early employees, KGGM, Albuquerque, New Mexico (1928), KGNC, Amarillo, Texas (1935), Working hours, Eddie Bommil, Bob Watson [speaker], Employed (1937), Raymond Hollingsworth, Cal Farley, Radio show in service station, Stuttering Sam, Globe-News Corporation, WDAG, KGRS purchase (1935), Advertising costs, Newspapers vs. radio, WDAG, KGRS purchase (again), As radio personality, "Kiddie show" announcer (1935), Met wife, Dixie, Public image, Monte Rosenwald [speaker], "Man on the Street" remote broadcast, "Night on the Prairie" program, Bob Watson and Monte Rosenwald [speakers], Early days of radio, Lack of technology, Salaries, Stations, Poorly constructed, Transmitters, Only Amarillo radio station (1935-1939), Dance band remotes.

Tape 1, Side 2: Bob Watson and Monte Rosenwald [speakers], Changes in radio tastes, Trends, Feelings toward modern radio, Wes Izzard [speaker], Newscasting (1926), WDAG, KGRS radio stations, Early locations, Daytime "switchover" agreement, Raymond Hollingsworth, anecdote, Globe-News Corporation, Problems with the Associated Press, Lack of news sources, WDAG, KGRS radio stations (again), Merging, Growth, Production manager (1935-1946), Tour of nearby stations, First network program, Amarillo ice storm (1940), Power failure, Damage, Early newscasters, Ollie Cook, Raymond Hollingsworth, Dick Martin, George Young, Wartime broadcasting, Rise to national level, KGNC world record, Eleanor Roosevelt and the Mothers-in-law Day parade, Franklin Roosevelt, Speech in Elwood Park, Amarillo.

Tape 2, Side 1: Wes Izzard [speaker] (continued), Newscast improvement, Plan submitted to NBC, Anecdote, post office dedication, Advantage of radio over TV, Use of imagination, Records on the radio, Origin of American Top Forty, Personalities (again), Cotton Joe Smith, Bob Izzard, Changes in radio, First radio program sponsorship, Funding, Opinion of advertisements, Non-commercial vs. commercial radio, Early radio in Amarillo, Texas, Phil Rosenwald [speaker], Monte Rosenwald, father, "Breakfast Club" program (1932), Band drummer, Feelings toward KGNC Amarillo, Raymond Hollingsworth, Wes Izzard, Changes at KGNC, Jimmy Pearce.

Tape 2, Side 2: Ray Hollingsworth [speaker], Employment at KGRS, Working hours, Job audition, KGRS, WDAG split broadcasting hours, Anecdote, football broadcast, KGNC programs, "The Trading Post", "Farm Flashes" program on KGRS, Manager, KGNC, World War II, Problems, Goals, Anecdote, Bob Watson missed cues, Monte Rosenwald’s "Man on the Street", Early radio, Electrical transcriptions and phonographs, Big bands, Milt Taggard, Regional bands, In competition with KGNC.

Range Dates: 1919-1972

Bulk Dates: 1926-1940

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