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Edith Courtney Sanders relates the history of her family and reminisces over her life, with emphasis upon the raising of her children.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Edith Courtney Sanders

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: 1970

Location: None Given

Interviewer: Pauline Sanders Lemmons and Malcolm Sanders

Length: 2 hours 5 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: Edith Courtney Sanders, Ancestry, English, Dutch, Immediate family history, Sherrod family, To Texas from Wayne County, Kentucky, Hawkins family to Texas from Barron County, Kentucky, Denton County, Texas, Sherrod family (again), Hawkins family (again), Hawkins Settlement, Kentucky, Harry Hawkins and sons (1854), Methodist Church, Rev. William Bates, Founding of Ryan Church (1867), Sherrod family (again), Bethel Church and Cemetery, Robbie Hawkins Mitchell, Family burial sites, Sherrod family (again), Hawkins family (again), Button family, Hawkins family (again), To Nacogdoches, Texas, Wagon train, To Denton County, Texas, Button family, English land grant, Farmers, Solomon Sherrod, George Christian Sherrod, Died: 86 years old, Enlistment in 29th Texas Cavalry, Civil War service, Effects, Ed Bates, Civil War veterans, Martha Jane Hawkins, Marriage to George Christian Sherrod (1865), Children: Sathal Sherrod (1866), Florence Eulla Sherrod (1864), Mary Sherrod (1874), Nettie and Eddie Sherrod (1880), George Sherrod Jr. (1884), Sathal Sherrod, mother to Edith Courtney Sanders, Sathal’s marriage to Horace George Sanders, Children: George Ellis Courtney (1886), Edith Courtney (1887), Louis Vaughn Courtney (1889-d.1896), Florence Eulla Courtney (1891), Cecil Courtney (1892), Henry Courtney (1895), Kate Courtney (1895), Zula Courtney (1897), Ruth Courtney (1899), Hazel Courtney (1900), Nival Courtney (1903), Johnny Courtney (1907), George Ellis Courtney, father of Edith Courtney Sanders, Farming, Orchard, Personality, Religious affiliation.

Tape 1, Side 2: Edith Courtney Sanders (again), Childhood memories, Chores, Grandmother and Grandfather Sherrod, Grandfather Hawkins, Death of father (1908), Education, Teaching career, Father’s burial site, Mother, Selling cattle, Sanders family, Musical abilities, Construction of school, Union Sunday School, Palmer Church, Mr. Kingsford, Cecil Courtney (again), Sathal Sherrod Courtney (again), To Floydada, Texas, Cecil Courtney (again), Death, Edith Courtney Sanders (again), Born in Duncan, Oklahoma, Burning of family home, Death of Cecil Courtney (again), Edith and George Sanders, Courtship, To Floyd County, Texas.

Tape 2, Side 1: Edith Courtney Sanders (again), Meeting George Sanders, Horace George Sanders, Desire for education, Marriage to Edith Courtney (1911), Living conditions, Birth of first child (1912), To Floyd County, Texas (1913), Edith Courtney Sanders (again), Trip to Floyd County, Livestock, Wagon, Horace G. Sanders (again), Land lease, Addition to house, Water well, Fred Brown, Horace G. Sanders (again), Farming, Trapping, Well work, Edith Courtney Sanders (again), Age (83 years), Children’s birth, Courtney Sanders, Car accident.

Tape 2, Side 2: Courtney Sanders (continued), Death, Horace G. Sanders (again), Maize cultivation, Hog-raising, Riding hogs, Virginia Sanders, Birth, Mr. Ledheimer, Sanders family ranch, Purchase, Liquidation of cattle, Horace G. Sanders (again), To Floydada, Texas, Farm tenancy, Flu epidemic (1918), Greeley Sanders, Birth, Horace G. Sanders (again), Burkburnett, Texas—boomtown, Establishment of grocery store, Car stripping, Grocery store (again), Robbery, Death of robber, Warehouse, Sale of store, Wells, Pulling casings, Wichita Falls, Texas Rangers, Lewd women, Smokey Bruno, Barber shop, Front for gambling, To Louisiana, Death of wife, Edith Courtney Sanders (again), Refusal to lend money to a gambler, Smokey Bruno (again), Protection of Mrs. Sanders, To Dallas, Texas, Race, Edith Courtney Sanders (again), To Oklahoma.

Tape 3, Side 1: Edith Courtney Sanders (continued), Oklahoma (continued), Delphine, Oklahoma, Frank and Delphine Hill, Harry Hill, Courtney Sanders (again), Beginning school, Friendship with Sonny Hill, Pauline Sanders, Childhood memories, Buyout agreement.

Tape 3, Side 2: Blank

Range Dates: 1854-1970

Bulk Dates: 1867-Early 1900s

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