Serna, Luis U 1998-06-06

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Luis Serna discusses his early life in Texas and being a prisoner of war in Germany during World War II.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Luis U. Serna

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: June 06, 1998

Location: Earth, Texas

Interviewer: Daniel Sanchez

Length: 45 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: Luis U. Serna, Born: September 8, 1919, in Donna, Texas, Parents, Died in the 1940s, Moved to Weslaco, Texas at the age of 8, Jobs, Civilian Conservation Corps, Sent Serna around the country, Quit after nine months, Bought a truck, Ran a cotton crew, Married on December 16, 1940, Son born in 1942, Army, Drafted in 1943, Basic training in Abilene, Texas, Sent to Fort Bliss, Texas, Sent to Indianapolis, Indiana, Joined the 106^th Infantry Division, Went to England by boat, Belgium, Fought with the Germans, Story of the conflict, Germans, Dressed in American uniforms, Broke through U.S. line, December 16, 1944, Surrounded the U. S. forces, U. S. forces captured, Dec. 19, 1944, POW, Marched around Germany, Camps, Russians, Freed the POWs in May 1945, Reflections.

Tape 1, Side 2: Luis Serna (continued), Army (continued), War ended, Went back to the United States, New York City, 90 days rest before being sent to Pacific, Japanese surrendered, Waited for discharge, Children, Twelve kids, Moved to Bovina, Texas so kids could go to school, Sons that were in military service, Afterthoughts on life, Current military, Opinions, [They are looking at photographs], [This side ends after 15 minutes].

Range Dates: 1919-1998

Bulk Dates: 1930s-1945

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