Shine, Henry 2012-04-09

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This interview features Henry Shine, a Horn Professor Emeritus at Texas Tech University. In this interview, Henry discusses his Jewish Heritage in England and Lubbock, and his interest and career in chemistry.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Henry Shine

Additional Parties Recorded:

Date: April 09, 2012

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: Robert Weaver

Length: 02:25:10


Henry, Born in London, England, Born on the East end of London, Predominantly Jewish quarter, Blocks of Parts of East End were predominantly Jewish, Parish of Stephanie, Stayed there until 10 years old, Moved to another part of East End, Lived in a flat apartment or 3 story house, When they moved they lived in to a tenant apartment, Moved when 13 to West End, Lived in a flat there, West End is the theatre district, War declared in September 1939, Moved to outside of London to Sunbury Timbs, Father was a collector. Sent to collect the weekly installments owe on furniture, Began working for tailoring company until he died, Mother was a seamstress. Known as a felling hand, Put together suits with large sewing called bastings, Education, Came to the states in 1948 after receiving his PhD from Bedford College, Undergraduate at University College of London. Known for Chemistry, Did PhD at Bedford College for women, Majored in chemistry on accident, If nothing happened kid would go to Work force at age 14, At age 11 you could take exams so that you could go to school of higher learning, Did well enough to go to secondary school then central school, Went to a Central school called Lyulph Stanley. All boys school to learn how to use his hands, Teacher named Mr. Taylor saw more in him and other students, Received special education., Learned Physics, chemistry, German and other academic classes, He liked wood working and metal working classes but gave it up, Left school at the age of 15 in 1938, Got a job as a book keeping clerk, For the Mineries and then for Warner Brothers and First National Film studios, Warner Brother moves studios out by where he lived outside of London, Chemistry start, Low level routine chemistry job at a pharmaceutical company making toothpaste, Did analysis of raw materials, Analyze and assess the amount of fatty acids in soaps and such, Met people studying for a BSC (Bachelors in Chemistry), Started going to night school to get a BSC, It was an external exam, Continued doing it even when transferred from Mclains to Pears, Went to weekend classes in Chemistry, Bachelors Degree was Divided into two parts, First part was the intermediate course to the BSC (Called it the intercourse exams), Working on that when became old enough for the Draft, Applied for extension of delay so test could be taken, Got an extension but was required to attend university also for 2 more years, University of London consist of different colleges, Went to the University College in Wales, Went to Aberwinswith in Wales, Finished degree in Chemistry and Physics in 1944, Took the BSC exams and passed them, Tried to join the Army but was denied and was told to find jobs in chemistry, Offered a job right outside London by TubeAlerts, Took a job with Shell oil company, Offered another job by Levers Brothers, Bored with work and went back to the University College, Given permission by ministry of Air to go work with Professor Turner, Got a PhD in early 1948, Applied to Penn State but man planned to work with died, Went to Iowa state for 1 ½ years then to Cal Tech 2 years, Worked for the US rubber company in New Jersey for 3 years, Offered Job at Texas Technical College, Went to The American Chemical Society in 1954, Offered Job at South Dakota State and smaller Colleges in Virginia, Accepted Job offer to Texas Tech in 1954, Wanted to be part of the Civil Service, Jewish Aspect of life, Went to Saint Peters Church School until was about 5 or 6, Went to Stetny Jewish Boys School until about 12 or 13, Parents not practicing Jews, Started learning Hebrew, Went to mostly Christian school when family all moved, As an adult being Jew was a Problem, Rhabbi Weisberg, Came to Lubbock from Las Vegas, Falling out with some members of the Church, Jewish Community, Not very many Jews left, Many have left or are occupied with their full time lives, No Full time Rhabbi, Large Synagouge but not enough members to be there, TTU, Becames science head in 1969, Had a research Grant for 53 years, First summer 1955 left lubbock to go work for Haliburton Oil well Cementing company, Needed to make summer money, First Organic Chemist to ever work there, Jean Jenkins helped him get the job, Spent 3 months of the summer there in 1955, Welch Foundation Grant in fall of 1955, Lanna Evans in charge of Jewish collection, Librarian of Eastern colleges, Chair from 1969-1975, Chair during establishment of the Medical School, On the graduate and undergraduate council, Upset with one of colleages over the issue of tenure

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Recording Format Notes: CD copy available in reading room

Transcript: Transcript available online

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