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John Stotts, former Matador Ranch cowboy and Motley County Sheriff, recalls his work on the ranch and expresses opinions about its policies and character.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: John Stotts

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: June 07, 1972

Location: Matador, Texas

Interviewer: Jeff Townsend

Length: 35 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: Family background and early life, Began work with Matador (1929), Description of work on the range wagon, Finding bootleg whiskey, Notes salaries during 1920s and 1930s, Matador policy toward farming explained, Exchanging beef for watermelons, Incident of farmers stealing beef under guise of "wood haulers", Water supply on ranch described, Praises policy toward employees, Liquidation of Matador Ranch discussed, Problem of over-grazing during droughts recalled, Mentions Depression cattle shooting program, Elected Motley County Sheriff after leaving the Matador, Met Scottish managers while a cowhand, Character of Matador management, Explains personal theory of reason for selling Matador Ranch, Decline in Matador population noted, Cowboy stories related, Matador’s swimming pool described.

Tape 1, Side 2: Expresses opinions on price of land.

Range Dates: 1929-1950s

Bulk Dates: 1929-1950s

Access Information

Original Recording Format:

Recording Format Notes:


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