Stubbs, Lou Caraway 1957-08-27

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Mrs. Stubbs, Lubbock pioneer and wife of former County Clerk Charles F. Stubbs, discusses her family and early life in Lubbock County during the 1890s.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Lou Caraway Stubbs

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: August 27, 1957

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Interviewer: R. Sylvan Dunn

Length: 2 hours


Tape 1, Side 1: Born: Toller, Hood County, Texas (March 14, 1875), Parents, J. K. and Callie Wood Caraway, Origins, Grandfather Caraway, Description of slave houses, To Jones County, Texas (1888), Education, Weatherford College, Weatherford, Texas, Trip through Texas Plains, Incidents, Description of area, Vegetation, Wildlife, Weatherford College (again), To Lubbock County, Texas (1891), Purchased land from Jack Johnson, Description of houses, Location of land, Crops grown, Ranching, IOA Cattle Company, Neighbors, Isham Tubbs, John and Sally Coleman, Description of Lubbock (1890s), Location of early businesses, Education (again), Weatherford College (again), P. F. Brown school, Siblings, Marriage to C. F. Stubbs (September 13, 1894), Wedding and honeymoon, Trip to Amarillo, Texas, Incident, runaway team, First home, Planting cottonwood trees, Children, C. F. Stubbs, husband, Supply freighter, Oiling windmills.

Tape 1, Side 2: George Hunt, Grew first maize in area, First home (again), Crops, livestock, Church meetings, Held in the Lubbock County Courthouse, Social activities in early Lubbock, Recitations, Dances, Games, Living conditions in early Lubbock, Sandstorms, Foods, Antelope, Milk trough, Ground water, Wind, Incident: strong windstorm, Effects on women, Prairie fires, Methods of extinguishing, Anecdote, coyote, Vegetation on the Plains (again), Mesquite trees, Wildlife on the Plains (again), Rattlesnakes, Rabbits, Antelope (again), Household chores, School, Transportation, Tubbs family, Anecdote: sister got caught on surrey, Family members.

Tape 2, Side 1: Blizzard (c. 1905), Shortage of supplies, Round Oak stove, E. Y. Lee, neighbor, Beef tallow candles, Mrs. F. E. Wheelock, neighbor, Liff Sanders, neighbor, Sandstorm (c. 1917), Blizzard (c. 1916), Buffalo bones on Plains, Drought (1892), Rain and hailstorm, Early crops, Cane, Maize, Singer’s store, J. D. Caldwell’s store, Goods, Anecdote, son Simon with razors, IOA Cattle Company, Fence, Incident, brother thrown from horse, Incident, son Simon rode a wild horse, Shooting incidents, Ranchers/farmers disputes, James Jarrott murdered, Hospitality, treatment of strangers.

Tape 2, Side 2: Absence of alcohol, Celebrations, Barbecues, C. F. Stubbs occupations, Teacher, Canyon, Texas and Lubbock County Clerk, Land owned by family, Growth of Lubbock, Railroad, Texas Technological College, Early Lubbock settlers and residents, Trips to Estacado, Texas, Early settlers (again), Nicolett Hotel, Early settlers (again), Acme Seed Company, Owned by Mrs. Stubbs, Origins, Sudan grass seed, Locations, Other seed stores, Buying and selling cotton seed.

Range Dates: 1875-1918

Bulk Dates: 1891-1918

Access Information

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