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Rose Warren, a longtime resident of Nazareth, discusses her early life in that community.

General Interview Information

Interviewee Name: Rose Warren

Additional Parties Recorded: None

Date: October 04, 1980

Location: Nazareth, Texas

Interviewer: None Given

Length: 55 minutes


Tape 1, Side 1: Born: 1903, Came to Nazareth, Texas (c. 1910), Trip to Nazareth, Came by train, Cooked own meals, Brought some livestock, Train landed in Amarillo, Neighbors helped them move to Nazareth, Neighbors discussed, School, Parochial school, Described, German course, Ended around World War I, Employment, Worked in the Holman home in Hereford, Texas, Worked in Amarillo, Married in 1923, Husband discussed, Husband’s family, Reasons for her family’s move to Texas, Hardships when she first married, Made children’s clothes, Had a garden, Husband managed the Home Mercantile, Generator provided electricity, Christmas celebration, Always had a tree, Parties, Two types, Wedding reception, Dancing, Sunday activities, Masses, Benediction, Priests, Baseball games, Ice cream, Heating houses, Heat sources, Anecdote about a nun, Kerosene and gasoline, Store, Henry Lang—ran the store for her father while he was gone, Anecdote about McCormick girls getting hurt in a fire, Lawsuit resulted, Results of the trial, McCormick family moved, Graduation exercises, Rose the top of her class.

Tape 1, Side 2: Mrs. Warren’s daughters, She worked in the store as long as her father managed it, Worked in Amarillo, Texas, Married and returned to Nazareth, Husband died and she went to work in Dimmit, Remarried, Went back into store business, Husband sold cars and then Maytag washers, He enjoyed having different activities to do, Helped children begin business, Anti-German feelings during World War I, Anecdote about the threshing incident, Reasons for this incident, Feuding between families in Nazareth, Hard to adapt to dry land farming, Parents sold cream and chickens, Dry farming, Husband in Knights of Columbus, Knights of Columbus activities in Nazareth, Games played, Baseball, Horseshoes, Card games, Other games, Cooking, Particular dishes, Changes in the community she might wish to see, No particular changes, No real crime problems, Possibly a senior citizens’ center, Other changes, Order of Martha, Other societies, Quilting party, Other social activities, Dances.

Range Dates: 1900-1980

Bulk Dates: 1910-1940

Access Information

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